My Writings from Slovakia in 2011

This is a writing I did when I was in PrievidzaSlovakia in 2011. This was 6 years ago when I was 11, so the sentences won’t make sense and I probably say “we waited” a thousand times. After reading through it it looks like I was writing some kind of blog back then, but I have no idea where it is, or how often it even was. Anyway, enjoy and don’t be too judgemental.

Breakfast was good. I had jogurt with honey, bread, meats and that’s all. Even before we ate breakfast has a story. We left our hotel and I thought we were going to Tesco the supermarket, but we just drove right past it in our Volkswagen. I tried to ask where we were going but they just kept on talking. So I just sat there waiting. So after waiting we stopped at a computer store and they got out and I said I would stay in our car, which was a big mistake because that felt like hours. Then they finally came back with a thing in some box. So then we went to the airport, ate breakfast, then I started to write this thing on paper. So now I am going to stop for a bit and wait for something exciting to happen… Wait! I remember something. While we were driving back from the computer place we saw crossing guards. They were not normal crossing guards, they were crossing guards with guns!  So when we drove past one yelled at us, first we thought he was saying good morning, then he said turn on your lights! Or that is what it sounded like. So now or a few moments ago my dad and grandpa left for a pilots meeting. Yesterday I didn’t write any notes so I will have to write them here. Yesterday I woke up by a pillow smashing my head. I knew it would be a perfect day by the start. And what I said was not sarcasm. So I got up, got dressed and I went with Grandpa to Tesco. When we got there we went to the back of the store where the water and bakery is. We got normal water finally, got pastries for me and dad and grandpa. Went to get nail clippers and went to pay. When we went to pay, everything got through… Except for the nail clippers. So we left. When we got back to the hotel we ate our pastries, I talked to my mom on skype , then we left for the airport. The rest of the next hours is a blur but I will try to remember. We went to eat breakfast. Then I think we went over to the glider. Then I waited for a few hours while they fiddled with the instruments then we went to the grid. My dad took off and then I waited for him to land. After he landed I washed it and went to the hotel, I went on the trampoline for about 2 hours with my friend Thomas. Then went to bed. Right now it is about 10:00 am. And now I am going to wait for my dad to come out of the pilots meeting. I just (found? figured? I don’t know what it says here) this out. The pilots meeting is over.By over I mean everyone is out of the room. So I will wait for him to come and get me. A day ago I saw a tow plane dance. I mean they were turning all sort of stuff. Then I saw girls in gold jump out and start dancing. It was very strange. I just learned that the pilots meeting hasn’t even started now I just rode over and me and grandpa are getting the glider over. Well we just got it over and we wait for my dad. I am just sitting writing this far into my blog. But yet it is only 11:00 am. My dad and grandpa are racing me to the glider. Guess who won? ME! 🙂 I am washing the glider which I don’t get because I washed it yesterday. My dad is fixing something that keeps saying “Oh No!”. Now I am just sittin’ under the wing in a few minutes my dad will take off. Oh look now there’s my dad’s towplane. My dad just took off, now we have millions of errands to do. But first, lunch. So we just went to Tesco and got the stuff we needed. My dad did a high speed pass while landing. Now I am washing the glider and now I finished. Life is so-fast into it? Well we have tied it down and have have ate dinner and this one is done for now. I’m going to go on the trampoline now. Well hi again a whole day just past and we just drove over to the airport. We are waiting for breakfast to gut(?). Well breakfast has started and I am getting mostly meats. Now that I eaten we’re going to go to the glider to fix the radio or something. So now i’m just sitting in my chair waiting for them to fix it. Now we are just running around blah blah blah. we dropped off the glider and now we’re going to the pilots meeting. Well we’re waiting for it, cats here (No idea what this last sentence is saying)

I mean I am only 16 at the time of writing, this, but is it wrong for me to be nostalgic? I honestly had forgotten all of those times in Slovakia, but once I had read this it really flooded me with memories when times were simpler. I somewhat wish I was 11 again and didn’t have to worry about a single thing in the world, just waiting around for pilots meetings… Maybe I will share some of my stories that I do remember from place like Argentina, Greece, and Slovakia.

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