Ding Dong Ditching Gone Wrong

We were just having a good time, we meant no ill will and honestly hoped that they would understand that it was just a friendly prank. However, I don’t believe that we saw “eye to eye” in that sense. So this is what happened last night when I ding dong ditched my friend John. (Names changed from anonymity)

I was with my friends last night, in one of their cars. I will try to keep it as anonymous as possible just in case. There was a total of four of us, including myself. We were eating dinner at about 10pm last night, when we all asked ourselves, what can we do for the rest of the night? My friend Bob  responded with, “You know who lives by here? John”. So we then conversed and decided that we would ding dong ditch him. I must admit that I can completely understand that it was rude to do, especially with no warning, but what happened after is what I might call a slight overreaction. So we pull up and right as we are doing so, who I am going to assume is one of John’s older sisters drives up behind is in some red Honda. We sit there, waiting for her to go into the house, but she just is talking on her phone. We drive away for a few minutes, and when we come back she is in the house. About this same time, a black Prius pulls up and sits across the street. Bob and I get out of the car, and I get to the door and ring the doorbell. Almost immediately after this happens, a man’s voice from the Prius starts yelling at us what we are doing. We had not considered that the Prius was affiliated with my friend John at all. I hop into the back seat, and Bob takes the wheel, almost burning rubber as we are getting away. We think we are fine, until we look behind us and see them following us. We were not in exactly the perfect getaway car, but Bob made the most of it and sped away hoping to loose them. They chased us for about 10 minutes, running lights, driving through stop signs, and other dangerous acts that I would probably consider more illegal than ding dong ditching someone at 10pm. We get to a main road, and I tell Bob to slow down so I can try to talk to them as they pull up. As we get parallel to each other, I notice that the person driving is one of John’s sister, and the person in the passenger seat is who I can only assume is her boyfriend. I lean out the window and ask if there is something that I can help them with. Here is roughly the conversation.

Boyfriend: “What the f*ck where you doing at my house?”

Me: “Oh we were just ding dong ditching a friend from school bro”

Boyfriend: “Oh yea!”

Me: “Yea dude”

Boyfriend: “Well if you ever do that again I will f*cking kill you!”

And then we sped away, I am not sure if it was out of fear, or the adrenaline really kicking in after what he said resonated. I must admit I may have used an obscene gesture or two as we were driving away. Who would be able to resist?

So the night goes on, and once the two girls who were in the car with us leave, me and Bob both know what needs to be done. I am not the person to take a threat to myself or my friends lightly. If you will threaten me, then you better be ready. We hop into his much sportier car, and we drive (safely) over to their house again. We both go to ding dong ditch the house, and much to our dismay, no one hopped into the Prius to come chase us. In Fact, we did not see as much as a light turn on or a curtain move. After being sufficiently disappointed, we decide to go home and crash.

It was 8:14 the next morning, and I hear my phone dinging. It was the find my iPhone alert, my mom’s way of getting my attention when I am either not at my phone or have it on silent. I go to turn it off and see what she wants, and I notice a picture of some very familiar faces at someone’s doorstep. Their doorbell had a camera, which took video of us doing it, which the mom posted onto the local forum, which my mom had come to view and question why I would be doing such a thing. Moral of the story is, don’t ding dong ditch crazy people. Or at least people with crazy boyfriends. Or just don’t do it and play on the safe side but what fun is that?

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