Once I get back

I am going to Slovakia for a year, and I have been considering the possibilities of not staying at home once I return. I am going to Slovakia with the Rotary Youth Exchange program, and I will be staying in the city of Bansk√° Bystrica, a thriving university town in the middle of the country. However, as fun and exciting as this exchange sounds, I am going to be returning after a year of stay, and I am not sure what I would like to do with my life after the fact. I have looked into different types of occupations that will allow a person to travel, but all of those either require schooling, or they are high risk. The only option that I can see that is not under either of those categories is joining the Navy. Call me a loser, but with all of the political turmoil going down at the moment, I am somewhat nervous about joining the military. Whatever will I do?

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