Creative Writing and other Updates

First to start with, I have been interested in creative writing. I have always wanted to be an author, even from a young age, however I slowly became drawn away from that idea once I realized my lack of talent. However, no one can sue my if I want to continue this dream, and possibly create a short story series right? I have considered this prospect greatly, and it has become rather intriguing. My only problem with this is that I am afraid that my writing quality will be rather poor, and I will be embarrassed with the wild and fantastic stories that I come up with later down the line.  Whatever choice I make, I hope that it is the correct one, and I hope that it is one that I will be proud of in the future. One of my biggest fears is living my life with regrets; never being able to turn back time and do what I had not.

On a much nicer note, I am going to be getting a Sony A6000 camera tomorrow, and I think that will drastically increase the quality of this blog. Whether or not anyone reads this is another story, but I think that with high quality images brightening up every blog post I will certainly be able to bring in more traffic. However that thought makes me think, why do I want to bring in more traffic? I tell myself and other people that I only write this blog for keeping my personal stories and adventures cataloged, but I don’t think that is the case. I think, that I secretly deep down want the attention from my peers and the unknown on the internet, however I am too afraid that I will make a mistake that I will regret later down the line. This ties back in with what I was saying earlier, about wanting to do creative writing.

I am going to be leaving for Michigan this coming Wednesday, July 12th, with my seven year old brother Austin. I am hoping that I will have time to master the camera before then, so I can take high quality pictures before I leave. We are going about a week before my mom and other brothers, for reasons that I have been told but hadn’t cared enough to remember. It will be an interesting week, as it will be the first time I am seeing my cousin Chandler face to face in about two years. Of course, I keep in contact with him online, talking to him when we play similar games, but I have been curious what he is like outside of the monitor per say. My other cousins from the other side of the family are extremely harsh online, however in person they are very likable and kind people. Along with seeing Chandler for the first time in a while, I will be seeing my Grandpa “Papa”. I see him as the leading father figure in my life, and I am extremely excited to be able to see him. We are planning on dropping a new engine in the go kart we have, although I do not know the specs of it.

I should stop rambling on, as it is probably not incredibly interesting. However that level of interest in my writings does not matter exceptionally because no one reads them anyway.

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