A6000 Pictures, Free Slurpies + 7/11/17

The A6000 is a very fun camera, especially for a beginner. It took me about an hour to really understand the basics of the camera, but now that I am getting to know it, I am finding out all of its unique quirks. It is very versatile, its image capture is so clear that it is almost hard to wrap my mind around. The zoom could be better with the stock lens it came with, however I could always upgrade the lens. The only thing I could really gripe about is the auto focus during video shoot. It works well on a relatively still object, however when I tried to take a video of a puppy it had a little bit of a difficult time. (I still love the camera though).

I am going to be leaving for Michigan tomorrow morning at 7:30, although I don’t know what time my flight leaves, all I know is that it arrives around 3:00 PM. I will make sure to take tons of pictures on the way so that you all can see. Wish me luck!

Swim lessons with Austin
Cutie pie <3
Free slurpie on 7/11
So serious
Scion FRS is such a cute car
Couldn’t leave out the 86

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