Go Kart Adventure – Dropping for a Monster!

I haven’t been able to really be able to post much because I have been in Michigan for the past few days. I first flew into Detroit airport on July 12th with my younger brother, however the very next day I drove up to Lewiston, where I have been working on, driving, and abusing the poor go kart that we have.


We first arrived at our cottage in Lewiston, my first thought was swapping the engine out on our go kart. We have had this go kart for years, and the engine in it had finally quit. I am not sure of the model, but judging the feel of it I will guess that it is a 6hp engine, made by Tecumseh. However, after probably 10+ years of abusing that engine, I doubt it was producing anywhere near its advertised horse power. Thankfully, we had gotten a 6.5hp 212cc Predator engine.


The first thing that we had to do, was check for comparability, and see if we would have any issues with the mounting of it. After everything was checked we started to dismount the old engine. The old engine had blown pretty vigorously I am told, although I wasn’t there when it happened.

After taking off the engine, we go to working on getting the clutch and the throttle to correctly align. The clutch on the new motor had not correctly aligned, as it was designed for the older motor. Because it didn’t align, the clutch stuck off of the drive shaft about an inch an a half, which was a pretty large distance when you consider that the drive shaft is only 4 inches long. Our next issue was the throttle, as the throttle on the old motor was in a different place than on the new motor. Because of this, we had to trim the throttle a bit, and cut away some of the plastic covering. After that, it was just minor adjustments to have it set!

Adjusting the sprocket wheel and the clutch
Working on the throttle

After a long night of working on the, we finally got to try the go kart out! It REALLY moves! The old engine was supposedly 6hp, but after years of wear and tear, I am sure that it wasn’t anywhere near the advertised horse power. With this new engine, I was absolutely destroying the trails. It threw me back into the seat and I had the time of my life.

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