Uvalde, 18m Nationals, and Bed & Breakfast

The open road is something that I have always underappreciated. Until now. My idea of “just me and the open road” was driving down the freeway with other cars by my side, watching the suburbs roll by. However, driving to Uvalde , Texas has been absolutely mind blowing. There was a point while driving here where there was not a town with a population larger than 50 for more than 250 miles. There are not words I can use to describe just how vast the Texan country side is. I really wish I would have stopped and taken some pictures, or had my dad stick my camera out the window and take some pictures but the thought never came to mind.

The city of Uvalde is home to Garner Field Airport, which is the main reason I am here. My dad, Sean Franke, is flying the 18m Nationals here, in his HPH Shark, which has a jet sustainer. This is not our first national, as we have been traveling the country and the world for gliding championships for years (Tennessee, Michigan, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Argentina, Slovakia, and more!). This is the first time he is flying in this “division” of gliders, so how he will do is still unknown. Today we just dropped the glider off at the tie down area, and called it a day. Although I hear tomorrow is an early start…

We are a day early, so the tie downs are a bit empty

Never before have I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, however Live Oaks Bed & Breakfast has me fairly impressed. I have not stayed at another bed and breakfast, so I am not too sure if I am giving it fair judgement, but the grounds are full of things to do, the owner is very fantastic, and the rooms are very clean and neat. There are three separate “cabins” outside of the main house. We are staying in the cabin “treehouse”, which is the farthest cabin from the main building. Slightly bland from the outside, the inside is very well decorated. My only complaint is that there is only one bed, which leaves me on the pull-out-bed-couch.

The “Treehouse”
My room for the next two weeks
The main house

The Nationals do not start until Tuesday of next week, until then it is practice days. I am hoping that it all goes smooth, but the rougher it gets the better writing material I have! (haha).

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