Uvalde Day 3: A Cool Car and a Dirty River

“Today was very exciting, I did so many different things and was able to see things all over!” Is what I would like to say. Not that I didn’t see anything, because I definitely saw some pretty amazing things today, it is just that it was very relaxed today, nothing crazy. Well, maybe a little bit of crazy but what would my life be without a little bit of crazy?


When we first drove to the airport this morning, I saw something I hadn’t quite noticed before. Hiding in the shadows of a fire engine was a present that only the select few would understand its true value. This Toyota Mk1b MR2 is something that I keep loving more and more the longer I look at it. After talking to the owner, I have learned that he dropped the supercharged engine for something else that would produce the same horses but was naturally aspirated. However, I soon found out that it wasn’t ready to drive off of the lot, and needed some wiring done on it. I might have to talk to the owner a bit more and see what he wants done with it. I see a MR2 in my near future…

Memorial Park

After my dad had launched from, I decided that I would head out right away, to see some of the wonders Uvalde has to offer. My first stop was the Leona river, which passed right through a near by park called Memorial Park. The park itself was very nice and large, also it was relatively clean which was a big plus. The one thing I noticed was the lack of people. I was really confused on why this big nice park would be empty, but then it hit me. The heat, which came in endless waves. I walked around the park long enough to enjoy the scenery and take a few pictures, but after that I hurried back to my car before I passed out.

The Leona River
Nueces River
I forgot about drying off until I was knee deep in the Nueces River

My next stop today was the Nueces River. This river was just off of highway, and it took a little off roading to get there (don’t worry mom I drove nice and slow… this time…). Once I got under the bridge where the river was, I was somewhat disappointed. Not at the river itself, as the river couldn’t have stopped it. No, I was disappointed at the people who could not understand the concept of throwing their trash away.


The river was beautiful, and crystal clear, however it is hard to relax in a river when you have to wonder how many chemicals are leaking into the water, or how many used condoms are going to float by. I really do hope that the local boy scout troop or rotary club takes the time to clear up this local scene because it really doesn’t deserve the disrespect that it is getting.


All in all, as frustrated as I might have been today with the people at the river, I did have a fun time, and both rivers were very satisfying!

Oh yeah and crewing for my dad in the contest was interesting, we think that the water in the outer wing ballast is leaking into the inner wing ballast. To test this we filled the only the outer wing ballast before we left the airport this evening and in the morning we will see if the water has leaked to the inner ballast!

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