Uvalde Day 4: First Contest Day & Antique Store

As the title might suggest, today was the first real contest day for the 18m Nationals. The day started out just like the practice days, which I don’t know if that is a good thing or a thing. The one major difference was that there were almost double the people out flying compared to the practice days. Getting the glider out on the side of the runway was easy in the morning, but pushing the glider out onto the runway proved to be a challenge.

In the morning before we push out onto the runway

Not anything we could have done, but spacing between the gliders allowed little room for maneuvering the gliders into place. The real issue was people not looking at the grid assignment and just pushing their gliders out whenever they felt like it. This would be fine, but more often than not they got in the wrong order and made a real hassle for everyone who had to try to move them. How nice it would be if you could just parallel park a glider.

Everyone struggling to get onto the runway

Luckily for me, my dad was 26/33 to launch, so I wasn’t waiting long after he was in the air, but we did have to wait until everyone was in the air before we could leave the grass section in between the runway and the taxi way. Right after I was set loose, I went to go and look for something to do downtown. As I was driving around, I stumbled upon an Antique store, and I thought it would be cool to check out. Spoiler alert, it was huge, and full of interesting items that I would be taking home if I wasn’t leaving the country in 23 days.

One of the three hallways full of antiques

The store had three hallways, and a basement which I estimate to be around 1.5x bigger than the upstairs. And it was full of items ranging from antique cabinets from the 1860s, to Coca Cola bottles from 2003. The store really cover just about everything (but I was secretly hoping they had antique sunglasses, like aviators, but they didn’t).

Picture of it in the case (Too tired to grab it out of its bag to take a nice picture)

While I was browsing the store, I noticed this knife. All of my close friends and family will probably be already sending me a text saying, “did you really buy that knife JUST because it had a tank on it?”. And to answer that question before you even ask it is yes, yes I did. Now to be fair, it is a nice knife, not very big, the blade is probably less than 2″ long. However, it is a nice knife, and I plan on doing some research on it to see if I can find its history/similar models perhaps.


This was the only other thing I bought, and in the store it was labeled “WW2 PIN”. Now, this really intrigued me, although I don’t really know why. Something about it just shouted out to me that I needed to buy it and find out its story. So that is what I did, and I plan on looking into just what this pin is tomorrow.  That’s it for me today though, the heat during the day really drains your energy. Until tomorrow!

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