Uvalde Day 5: Scorpions, Plane Crashes, and Other Fun

I really did think that I would struggle to find something to write about today. I was being fairly lazy and didn’t want to go out and do anything, and the interesting things kind of just found their way to me.

Stung by a flying something today, I don’t know what though

The morning to the launch of the gliders was not anything abnormal or different than the other days. The only thing that was really notable was that I had found a dead scorpion behind a potted plant inside out room. It probably was not any bigger than a half dollar, but I seemed like the only person who was not freaked out by them. Although, after my second encounter with a scorpion my opinion on them might have changed a little. But that story is going to have to wait a second.

I was out playing baseball with some of the younger line boys, when it starts raining on us hard enough that we have to go inside. I was talking to one of the younger boys, asking him what the kids do once the gliders take off, and he responded with

“Normally they all just leave. During the end of the day it is just us 4 boys here, because either we have nothing else better to do, or we are crewing for someone in the air. But today really sucked because of the crash, we were out there forever.”

Now I was really confused, I hadn’t heard anything about a crash! So I start asking around and gathering information, and here is what I had heard. However, take with a grain of salt because this is just what the word on the street is. Apparently one of his wings was filled with too much water, and that caused him to hit is wing on the ground on takeoff and that eventually led to the tow pilot releasing the rope, and the pilot landing the plane in a shrub field behind the airport. Thankfully the pilot was 100% fine, I even walked him out to his car later in the afternoon because I had an umbrella and it was poring rain.

Just below where that c shaped subsection is is where he landed apparently.

So with that little crazy bit out of the way, today while I was taking a shower, something crazy happened. I was washing my hair, minding my own buisness, when I look down and there is a scorpion struggling to not fall down into the drain. I see him, and I just finish up my shower, and once I am all drying off I grab a cup and just throw him outside. Looking back at it, I was surprisingly calm. I need to remind myself that this is not normal, and I shouldn’t expect scorpions in my shower.

Well I think that is all for today, on a quick side note I did find out what that WW2 pin was yesterday that I got from the antique store was. It is a “WWII US Army Enlisted Man Dress hat Eagle” or so this website selling it describes. Anyway, tomorrow I will see if I can get down to the wreckage of the plane and see if I can take some first hand photos of it, and maybe pop down to this one store everyone has been hyping up. But until then!

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