Uvalde Day 7: Cats and Movies

Today was a slower day, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say about it! Today was a longer task, so I decided that I would go and take advantage of the time that I would have. I went to go see the movie Atomic Blonde, which I did thoroughly enjoy. I have never had a theater entirely to myself, but today I got to experience that. I did feel a little awkward sitting in the theater entirely by myself, but I was enjoying myself so I feel like my money was well spent.


I really do wish I had taken a video of what I had seen today. Being able to watch glider after glider dive out of the sky at high speeds, was something that even I must admit was absolutely amazing. The way that the wings would shudder at the speeds they were going, and the way the streaks of water would form as the pilots dumped it in preparation for landing.


The cat at this bed and breakfast is without a doubt one of the nicest cats that I have met. If you were sitting down outside, it will jump right over on your lap and just chill there. It really doesn’t like its picture being taken though. I got a few shots out, but it kept jumping up and running away. I decided to be nice and just leave him be, because he was really nice to me.

I know this one is shorter with less pictures, but not too much happened today. I will try and make my life more interesting and get out and do something tomorrow (lol). But until then!

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