Uvalde Day 8: Computers and Opera

I was expecting today to be a bit slower than it was, but by no means am I complaining. I started the day of with waking up late, and I have ended it today with rushing to complete what I need for my youth exchange.

I did wake up late today, which doesn’t help because I feel like I am already rushing out of the room when I am waking up on time. I was pretty disoriented, which I realized when I was walking out to the car still in my pajamas, which were gym shorts. Getting the glider together today was a breeze, and up until my dad launched, my theory of the day being slower did hold true. We were almost the last ones to launch, with only two others behind us. Once he was up in the air, I had driven back home to take a shower. The more that I think about it, the more I realize taking a shower midday is probably not the best idea, because I am going to get all sweaty and gross later anyway.


Once I had cleaned myself up, I had decided I want to go to the local library, which I had heard was a nice place to hang out. What I had known, but hadn’t realized was that  the Hotter than Hell 100-Mile Yard Sale was going on. So when I had driven into downtown Uvalde I had found the streets littered with EZ-ups selling everything from used clothes to tires. I had planned to go and check some of them out, but everything changed once I had gone into the library


I hadn’t even realized that they were selling things in the library, but once I had gone in there I was almost immediately greeted by a very kind older lady, who talked to me for a while. I asked her questions about the town, and what there is to do, she asked me questions about the soaring contest going on at Garner Field. We drifted over to the computers that the library was trying to get rid of, and once I had seen them I knew that I was going to take at least one of them home. Before I had even bought anything, I had given myself a $10 budget. Now that might not sound like much in the computer world, but the most expensive price listed on a tower was $5. After browsing through, I found one that I had liked which was listed for $3, and I asked her to ring me up. Here is how our conversation went.

Her: “Is this going to be all for you today hun?”

Me: ” I think so, so that is going to be $3?”

Her: “Well normally, but because it is after 3PM everything here is half off.”

Me: “Well then I don’t think that is going to be all for me!”


So after browsing some more, here is what I found. I am going to do a full break down of what I had gotten either tonight or tomorrow. In all likely hood probably tomorrow because we have a rest day tomorrow.

  • Full size tower: $3 Missing a DVD drive
  • Mini tower: $5 I thought the form factor of it looked cool, less that the parts were good
  • +/- 11″ Monitor: They had two, and it was more of an impulse buy than an actual need for it

So after I had gotten back to the hotel room and dismantled all that I could reach, I went back to the airport to wait for my dad. I went back fairly early on purpose, so that I could hangout with another boy that was there. We had played baseball the other day, and I feel like I should get out and do more anyway. When I got there he was playing corn hole, and we quickly had started a pretty intense battle. Life is fun when you can relax like that!

After my dad had landed and we had dismantled the glider -because of storms coming in from the south it was recommended that we do so- we had made our way down to the Grand Opera House, where there was a dinner. The food was good, and being able to sit down and socialize with the other pilots and crew is something that even I appreciate. When they have their competitive race mode turned off, most pilots can be fairly friendly.

Today was fun, and tomorrow I think is going to be even more so. Because it is a rest day, I have been told that there is a possibility that we could go tubing down a river…? I am not too sure of this, so you will have to check back tomorrow to find out! But until then!

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