2 PCs and a Monitor for $6.50

Yesterday I picked up these two older dell computers from a library yard sale -see here, and in this post I am going to break down what I got out of them.


The first PC is an Optiplex 745, which I picked up for $1.50. Even though this one was the cheapest out of the lot, I believe that it is the most powerful, because all of the other PCs were rocking either  a Celeron D or a Pentium 4.

Optiplex 745 Specs:

  • CPU: Core 2 Duo I don’t know what model, as I don’t have to cables to turn it on or to take the heatsink off
  • GPU: ATI Radeon X1300 Pro Gross OEM version
  • RAM: 2 x 1Gb DDR2 555Mhz I don’tknow if that is the correct Mhz but whatever
  • PSU: 305w Dell PSU I wouldn’t trust this with my life
  • HDD: 2 x 250Gb Seagate HDD they both work too! or so I am told

This one really needed a dusting. I legitimately think that I am the first person to open the computer sense the library had bought it. I somewhat feel like I got the much better end of the bargain here. I got all of that, for $1.50, and just doing a quick eBay search I find that if I even sell just one of these items I make my money back.


The second PC that I got I really did just pick up because I really liked the hinging mechanism that Dell used. I bought it to either sell off the parts, or to strip the case and make my own sleeper PC. Either way, I am very happy, being able to pick this one up for just $2.50. I don’t know the specific model of this though, which is unfortunate.

Mini Tower Specs

  • CPU: Pentium 4 @3.4ghz I don’t know much about earlier Pentiums, but I think this is one that isn’t LGA right??
  • GPU: Integrated
  • RAM: 2 x 512Mb 400Mhz Not as much as the other one
  • PSU: 210w Dell PSU This one had an interesting blower style cooler
  • HDD: 160Gb Barracuda The interesting thing about this one was that it was spotless. When I pulled it out of the bay it didn’t have an ounce of dust on it, and it had almost a polished finish!

This one might be my favorite out of the two (don’t tell the Optiplex 745). I am not quite sure what I have planned for this, but if I do anything with it I will be sure to update the blog!


Finally, I got a monitor for $2.50. I really didn’t need it, it was more of an impulse buy. I thought to myself that if I was going to buy a computer, I might as well buy a monitor just for the hell of it. I think the monitor is an 11″, but that is just a rough guess.

In total, I spent $6.50, which I got two computers, and a monitor, which have all been claimed to work. I don’t have the means to test any of the parts now, but when I get home I am going to have to pull my test bench out of my pile of boxes to be able to test everything!

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