Uvalde Day 9: Tubing and BBQ

Today was the first official rest day for the 18m Nationals! Today was VERY exhausting, even though it was a rest day. We tubed, BBQ, and had a great time. Only thing I can really complain about it the mosquito’s… I feel like they just have it out for me! I might have to stay in Texas now because I have become a regular food source for them…

For the first time in over a week, I have finally been able to sleep in. Well, kind of sleep in as my dad decided to use the room I was in for work at some ungodly hour. But after I had finally crawled out of bed, we had decided where and what we were going to be doing for the day: tubing down the Concan River. I had talked to a very nice older lady yesterday at the library and she had recommended that we go to Neals for all of out tubing needs. Once we had gotten there and had rented our tubes for the day, we headed up a shuttle to the drop off point.


Because there hadn’t been much rainfall that year, the water was moving at a much slower pace than normal. Normally it would take about 2-3 hours to get back down to the shop where we rented the tubes, but they said because of the slower moving water it would take 4-6 hours. With this in mind, we moved fairly quickly down the river, walking and pulling along our tubes whenever the river widened and slowed down. But I had a great time going down, especially when the “rapids” came. They were not exactly rapids, as they were fairly slow. Even though they were slow, they were the perfect speed to relax and just have a little thrill.

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killer tank top tan

Once we had gotten down to where we return the tubes, there was a part of the river where it widened and got much deeper than it was before. So we stopped there and I had my dad hold my tubes while I went and jumped off of the rocks right down in the middle of the river. I had a real great time doing that, showing off doing all sorts of flips off of them. Once our fun there was over, we carried the tubes up a hill to drop them off, and then started the half hour drive home. The drive back always seems shorter.

Once we got back, the fun for the day wasn’t quite over. We had to run over to the local H-E-B to pick up some steaks for the BBQ we were invited to later that evening. We rushed back to our room, put on some dry clothes and then out to the pool area of our BNB. The pilots all had fun, talking about pilot things, and I got the time to just sit outside and relax.


Tomorrow is the start of another contest day, which is something that I somewhat dread. I am just tired, and want to relax for another day or so. But, there is nothing stopping this next day from coming, so I might as well make the most of it! I will try to do something interesting so that this is an interesting read! But until then!

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