Uvalde Day 10: Relaxing

Today is going to be very brief because it it late, and I don’t have much to write about. Although it is my fault for how late I am writing this, I have just been putting it off.


Today when we first walked outside of our room, I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about crewing today. We did go out to the airport to rig the glider, only to put it back in its box right after the pilots meeting. Even though the day was not officially called, we knew that there was no way that we would be able to fly in that kind of weather.

After we put it away, we headed out to this Bass Pro like store called Oasis Outback, where we get lunch. Cannot recommend enough, that place was phenomenal. After that, not much happened. My dad told me he had a meeting, so I went back to the room and thought I was waiting for him. He told me that after the meeting we would go to this place called the Alamo? I know that is the name for it but I don’t really… remember… 😉


But after hours of waiting he finally got back and I found out he got stuck in a Texas Hold em’ tournament. Who knew.

I know today is short, but tomorrow I have plans to go and look at this Mitsubishi GT 3000 if that is what it is called, I haven’t looked at the listing in a while. I will update the blog tomorrow with everything I do!

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