Uvalde Day 12: Termites, Tire Change, and Landings

I really have come to respect some of the pilots at this contest. I am going to try to be ambiguous about it, but I have to say that some of these pilots here are just wholesome people. It’s a bit hard to explain, but they really are honest in what they say sometimes, and they have just such a good will if that makes sense. There are those who are what you expect them to be, their first impression is who they are. But there are some pilots, who you hear about and think “you must be a stuck up pilot” but then you really get to know them. I respect beyond what words can hold those who can acknowledge their faults, and actively seek to improve in a wholesome manner. TLDR: If you are cool and wholesome I can respect that.


With that out of my system, today was a hassle from start to finish. We got to the airport and found the wings covered completely with what I believe to be termites. I am not entomologist but they did look like termites to me. To get them off was a pain, because if you went at it with a rag you would squish them and them smear them onto the glider. I had to borrow a squeegee from our glider-neighbors to slide them off that way.


Because of the flat that happened yesterday, read here, I had to take the car to the shop to get some new tires on it. I know it was only the one tire that got punctured, but we figured it was better to get both of the severely balled tires replaced. The wait was not bad, although it did take a little over an hour I got to talk to the receptionist, who had lived in Uvalde all of her life. She was telling me stories about how her great grandfather used to go around the town and use a flamethrower to burn out rattlesnake dens. Uvalde is a weird place.

Just a quick video to wrap this up, I tried to get some good video of the pilots landing, but the issue was that I don’t have a tripod to use, or a lens to be able to get a better zoom. Also it is the raw video because my pirated Vegas Pro isn’t working and I didn’t feel like trying to fix it. What are you going to do, sue me?

I don’t know why, but after watching Atomic Blonde I have noticed that I am more attracted to German covers of 80s songs. I don’t know why. 99 Luftballons has been on replay for a while now. I guess I should just get a mullet and seal the deal right?  Anyway, I should stop RAMBLING and go to bed. So until tomorrow!

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