Uvalde Day 13: Cleaning up and Awards Ceremony

Finally, the contest is over. After almost 2 weeks of this I can finally say that I am going home. Unfortunately, because I am going home tomorrow I had to work hard to get everything cleaned up today. I roasted in the sun for hours cleaning up the car and the trailer, preparing it for the 1200 mile journey we are about to embark on.


I wish I had something interesting to say about what I did today, but I don’t have much. After the planes were launched, I went and started cleaning out the car and the trailer. I tried to take all of the heavy items out of the car and put them in the front of the trailer, because we were having some issues with fish tailing on the way here. I was doing all of this in 100+ degree weather, with enough humidity I could almost see it. By the time I was done it looked like I just jumped in a pool with my clothes on; I was covered in sweat.


I have been trying to think of a good present I could get for my little brother while I was here. I thought I would try to find some Uvalde candy that I could give him, but I couldn’t find anything suitable. So in the end I just found a Uvalde t-shirt and kind of crossed my fingers and hoped he would like it. I also got a sweatshirt for myself, although I couldn’t imagine wearing it in this weather.


After my dad had landed, we went back to the room to clean ourselves up, and then headed off to the banquet hall where the award ceremony was being held. Because of the type of day it was, a lot of pilots landed out, or landed late. This caused a lot of the pilots not to get to the ceremony until much later in the evening. My dad was tired, and decided to go home before the awards were even given out. Oh well.


Really quick and poorly structured, I am just really tired. I know I say that every night I write this, but for real this time. I hope you enjoyed. By the way, the pictures are not in any sort of order, I just think it looks better when they are separated by text. Sue me.

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