Rancho Cucamonga with a Czech Exchange Student

I feel bad for dragging our exchange student around everywhere, but I was just so excited to be able to show her around that I almost couldn’t help myself. Yesterday I got to meet our new exchange student from the Czech Republic, Linda Tran. She is 17 years old, and she is currently a senior at our local high school. Yesterday we went hiking, walked around the mall, and drove all through Rancho Cucamonga. I am excited for her to be able to meet my friends that I have here, and to be able to take her to other places around the city!


Once they had driven back from Big Bear, I wasted no time asking her if she would like to be shown around the city. She very enthusiastically said yes, and we hoped in the car and drove off. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but really a lot of it was just where the road took me. We had talked before I had met her in person, but it was still a little awkward at first. Nevertheless, I pushed through that bubble of awkward and we talked all about how school was and how my trip to Texas had been (spoiler alert: Texas is hot).


The first place we went was the Etiwanda Preserve. I had done a bit of a miscalculation, I must admit. Every time I had gone/hiked up the preserve, it had been with people from my cross-country team. Because of this, previously I had almost always ran or at least walked at a fast pace up the hill. I had severely underestimated the length of the trail, and the heat of the sun up above. By the time we got to the top, we were both tired and I was all gross and sweaty. Thankfully at the top of the preserve there are trees that surround the creek so we were able to get some shade from the sun.


We didn’t hike too far up the preserve, only enough to really enjoy the view there. Not related to this trip I made yesterday, but someday before I leave for Slovakia I want to hike up the preserve and see if I can find the source of the creek there. I can already see the title of the blog post : Finding the Source: Etiwanda Falls.


Once we had made our way back down the mountain, we just drove around for a little while. I showed her the other schools in Rancho Cucamonga; Los Osos and Rancho High. I had shown her where I have gone to school for the past 4 years, and I had shown her where I worked during the school year. I have really missed being able to just drive down the road with the window down and enjoy the view.

Afterwards, we went to Victoria Gardens, where I showed her all the good places to eat, shop, and chill. She claims that I know a lot about the mall, but I don’t really think that as a good thing. To know the mall and to know what restaurants, stores etc are good, you need to spend money there! I told her that I have spent way too much money and time at the mall. She did seem to enjoy it, so I hope that I can go back sometime and show her the other parts of the mall that we didn’t get to.

I didn’t take any pictures of this unforunatly, but after dinner we had a big water balloon fight with all my brothers and her. You will have to take my word for it here, but I am guessing that we had gone through about 250-300 water balloons that evening. It was a lot of fun, but it was a real pain to clean up. The water balloons stuck to the pavement so sweeping didn’t really work. I was really tempted to go and google the best way to clean up water balloons.

The night ended pretty amazingly. After she had finished her homework around 8:40, we had driven back up to the preserve to go and look at the light in the valley. I have seen it countless times, but she seemed to really like it. I don’t know if she was saying it out of consideration or not, but we lost track of time and realized that we needed to be home. My mom didn’t seem to happy about it, but she didn’t say anything. I don’t think I will push my luck next time.

To wrap things up, I am really glad that I am able to show her around all of the neat places in Rancho Cucamonga. I hope that I was not just dragging her around and having her bored the entire time, but it did seem like she enjoyed it. I am going to have to ask some of my friends about some of the cool places I can take her. For some reason, I really do enjoy being able to show people the things that I find joy in, and I find it extremely satisfying and amazing when they can enjoy it too. Today I think will be a fun day too, lets see if it is fun enough to write something about hahaha! (have to admit the picture of us at the preserve looks really awkward)

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