Griffith Observatory – LA Trip

I haven’t posted in a few days now, but let me assure you it is all for good reason. Whoever actually reads this must think that my life is in constant chaos because of all of the things that I am doing. But it should be calm, at least for a few days until I leave for Slovakia. Here is what I did this past Friday, and let me tell you it was a blast


We had somewhat of an idea of what we had wanted to do in downtown LA, but we hadn’t made any serious plans. It would be my cousin Joey, his girlfriend Itzel, and our exchange student Linda going that evening, as well as myself. So my cousin and Itzel came over in the late morning, and we waited at the house and watched some movies until Linda came home from school. After that, it was time for the drive!


I don’t know about the others in the car, but when I am driving with other people roughly my age I can’t just sit there in silence, I need music to be playing and I need to be talking. I am sure I annoyed the absolute hell out of them, but I guess that is a price you have to pay when you are driving with me. The drive was very smooth, I don’t recall ever hitting traffic, until we really got down into the city.

Once we had found a nice parking garage, we set out into Little Tokyo on the search for some food. After a little while of searching we found a place called Izakaya GAZEN. When we went in, we were the only ones in the restaurant, and I was kind of worried we were a little under dressed because half of the tables were reserved and it looked like a higher end restaurant. My doubts were subsided when I saw someone with a reservation come in wearing a pair of gym shorts.


The food there was fantastic, and I must say fairly reasonably nice. I was prepared to fork out $20+ for this food but my bill only came out to +/- $13, which I think is outstanding for the quality of the food and the restaurant as a whole.I had gotten a dish with squid legs and onions, while everyone else had gotten some form of sushi. The food was outstanding, and the restaurant as a whole would get my positive recommendation.


After we had finished eating, we had wandered around a bit until we found the real mall part of Little Tokyo. Ignoring what the shops where actually selling, the aesthetic and the unique vibe that the mall gave off was absolutely amazing. The entire mall was just fun and made me want to keep exploring, even though we were running out of time.


As much fun as the mall was, we couldn’t stay. We had a date with a sunset at the Griffith Observatory, which was the “real” reason that we were going to LA in the first place. The observatory parking was packed, but I guess that is what we get for going on a Friday night. Once we had walked up the mountain we were rewarded with a view that could only be matched in ones imagination. It was stunning, to be able to see for miles out.


We had watched the sun set, and once it had gone below the horizon we went inside to check out all the observatory had to offer. There were a few of the observatory staff who were talking about the eclipse that was going to happen in a few days, which was interesting to learn about. The inside had quite a few interesting things, and it was fun to be able to read about it all and just relax.


The trip to the observatory was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking for a breath taking view in LA!

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