Flying to Slovakia – Ontario, San Francisco, and Munich

Guten Morgen! I am currently writing this in Munich, Germany! I am almost to where I am going to be calling home for the next year. I am going to be writing this “half” of my travels to Slovakia so that I don’t have to cram in a whole bunch of interesting content into one post.

Yesterday was tough, having to say goodbye to not only those around me, but I would be having to say goodbye to the environment around me, the scenery that I (more or less) love. I went out to lunch for the last time with my mom, which was really nice. We went to a noodle restaurant, and the entire time I felt like I was about to be euthanized. I felt like I was being asked what my last meal would be before I was sent to the guillotine. Of course, I would be back in a year, but it was kind of sad seeing everything that I had built up around me leave.

When I was checking into Ontario airport, the very kind lady helping me offered me an earlier flight to San Francisco, departing at 3:30 instead of 5:50. I was glad to take this, as I had plenty of time either way. Once I had gotten to my terminal and sat down I found the warm terminal air just like a blanket. I was sitting in the sun, all nice, and before I knew it I was sleeping. I woke up, realizing what had happened. A guy next to me said,

“Hey buddy, was that your flight?”

When he says this, I watch a little jet push back and start rolling down the taxiway.

“You know what. I think it was”

So I went up and talked to the receptionist at the desk next to my gate and got my flight changed, which funny enough was the original flight that I had booked to begin with. So I made sure I boarded that one on time, and the flight went by like a breeze. I flew on a CRJ200, which is a VERY small plane, I had to somewhat crouch when I was in the plane. But the flight is very short, about 5 minutes after we took off I started a game of Tetris, and when I finished my game we were landing.

My last real meal in America was sushi funny enough, although I certainly would not call that an American food. I had it at a little shop at San Fransisco International, and I was fairly satisfied with it. I had a bit of a layover in SFO, about 2 hours, which gave me the time to eat the sushi I had bought and to relax. And oh boy would I need to relax for this flight.

Once I had boarded the plane, I thought to myself “I have to pee”. I didn’t think much of it because I knew I had an aisle seat and I could get up once we had taken off. Once I had gotten to my seat, the lady that would be sitting next to the window asked if I would take the seat, for reasons that are unknown to me. It seemed that the second that the plane started rolling down the runway, this lady was out cold. I was actually fairly concerned that she might be dead, because she didn’t wake up for hours. I was assured of her livelihood by her obnoxiously loud snoring. This lady slept almost 10 hours, on an 11 hour ish flight. I would have been fairly impressed, if not for the fact that I had to pee the entire time.

I wish I had taken more pictures, it is difficult to find the time to do so when I am trying to make flights. I promise I will take some more pictures for my next post!

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