I have been unbelievably busy, and it isn’t over yet. I had wanted to post more about what has been going on, but every time I have tried, I have just been either too tired, too sick, or just flat out too busy. However, I have finally been able to show what has been going on the past few days!

As of writing this, I am in California. However, when I was in Michigan, we threw a going away party for myself and my cousin Chandler who is also going on exchange (he is going to Japan). I am not sure if it was a going away party, or just an excuse to have the family come together, but either way, it was great to be able to see my family members who I have not seen in years. Being able to see family is something that I had really undervalued, and I think now that I am more mature, I will really miss my own close family when I am in Slovakia.


This sign was done by my amazing aunt!


My family’s two Rotary Exchange Outbounds!

Being able to laugh and have a good time with your family is a skill that is underappreciated. Even though my family has political, religious, and other beliefs that differ from each other, we are still able to get along well, and care for each other.


The “kids” in the family.


I know I was going on about how I was so busy, and I want to post more about what has happened but I have more stuff to do! Here is a quick rundown of just how busy I have been.


We had our going away party, and then the next day we went to my aunts house to swim in the morning, in the evening we went to a Tigers game in Detroit (guess who forgot their memory card for their camera!), and I didn’t get to go to bed until 12:30 that night. After that we had to get up at 3:30 the next morning to make our flight back to California, which went well, although the second I got home we had to work on packing my room so that Linda, the exchange student coming to my room could stay. After that I went out with my friends for dinner and got food. And now today I am writing this I had to clean the house so that it would look nice for the people coming tonight for my birthday party. I know I rambled, but I can hope that you can understand just how much I have done in a 3 day period.



Alex · July 31, 2017 at 1:49 PM

The part really was great, my mom did a great job of being able to organize it all! Don’t feel bad! I might make it sound like I car, but in all honesty, I just like complaining. I don’t mind at all. I will make sure we come home early so you can meet the both of us!

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