Slovak vs America Food – Top 3 Differences

There are quite a few things here in Slovakia that are different than food in America. Now, I can’t say for certain that all of these are true, as I have only been here a week with only one family. But here is what I have observed to be different between the two cultures.

1. Meals: There is a definite difference between the meals here in Slovakia and the food in America. They eat soup so often, it is almost impossible to believe. Not that I am complaining, I like the soup, especially Goulash. Side note: I am not sure if Goulash is technically Slovak, because it is a Hungarian dish. However, I believe that Slovakia was controlled by Hungary pre-Czechoslovakia so does that make it count as a Slovak dish? They also eat much more food than I would expect. I go sit down for a meal, eat a large bowl of soup, being very full, then they offer me a whole bowl of spaghetti. Again; don’t take it as me complaining, it is just a lot of food.

So much soup!

2. Sweets: The sweets here are much more “bland” if that makes sense. What I was told by some others, and the internet somewhat agrees with this, is that Europe has restrictions on high fructose corn syrup, thus making the possibilities to have sweet candies like we do in the United States limited. Although it would not be fair to compare the candies and sweets of Europe to those of America, they are completely different in style and taste. The Slovak candies that I have tried don’t try to hit you with the straight up sweetness like they might in America, but they give you different textures and flavors. I don’t know if it is my words being lost in translation or not, but when they ask me if I want a candy, it brings in things like pretzels and these little peanut snacks. Either way, I think that the differences

Sweets are fantastic!

3. Costs: I lightly went over this in my daily update here, but the cost of food is absurdly cheap compared to the United States (at least where I am from). I want you to try and guess how much all of this came out to: full loaf of bread, large Czech chocolate, small chocolate muffin, 600ml Kofola, cheese spread (for bread), medium sized package of pretzels, and two Horalky bars. When I was picking out these snacks to try, I was ready to spend something like 15-25 USD, but when I had everything rung up at the register it came out to just over 6 Euros, or about $7.50!

All of the food I bought

Here is my quick list, what do you think? I might try doing another one some other day when I have more time, but for now, here is what you need to know about the food differences between America and Slovakia!
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