My Bucket List for Slovakia

I normally am not one to be organized, or do things by the book. But, I have decided that I am going to try and create a somewhat of a Slovak Bucket list for my time here, so that I can try and leave Slovakia next July with no regrets. Of course, some of these might be very vague, and some might be very specific, either way, I want to try and accomplish all of these before I leave here!

  • Hike in the High Tatras Mountians.
  • Go to the Soviet Army Monument in Bratislava
  • Explore the Slovak woods with a metal detector and find something before my time
  • Have a snowball fight in Slovakia
  • Buy and wear an Adidas track suit to school
  • Explore somewhere I am not supposed to be
  • Visit Bratislava Castle
  • Learn enough Slovak to be able to write a blog post in it
  • Leave here with more money than I came with
  • Get fit while I am here
  • Cook a real American meal for my host family
  • Visit Slovak Paradise National Park
  • Go to Demanovska Cave of Liberty
  • Go to a Slovak concert with someone
  • Visit the Levoca cage of shame
  • Visit the ruins of Cachtice castle
  • Revisit Bojnice Castle
  • Find a tank that I have never seen before
  • Visit the sight of a significant WWII battle
  • Learn to make Halusky
  • Shop in Bratislava
  • Go home weighing more than I came here
  • Get a Skoda hat (I know Skoda is Czech but who is counting)

I know I will think of more as time goes on, I will update this list if I can think of more!

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  • Shalko

    September 4, 2017

    A word of warning, using a metal detector to look for archeological items carries a 1-5 year sentence (§ 249/2)

    Regarding the tanks, there is an SU-100 and a T-34/85 at Dargov (a memorial for the Battle of Dargov pass), there is a PZ-IVJ at Dukla (There was a major battle at the Dukla pass. Check out the memorial, there are lots of other vehicles there, also an IL-2)

    • Alex

      September 4, 2017

      I guess I won’t be looking for anything then… Is the offense looking for the item or keeping the item?

      Also, thanks for the info on the tanks!!

  • Shalko

    September 4, 2017

    Looking for it (even without a detector), digging it up or keeping it are all punishable. They have to prove intent, which is much easier to do if you are running around with a shovel or a detector. The law is a reaction to organized groups pillaging archeological sites and digging up graves from the WWs.

    • Alex

      September 4, 2017

      I see. Well wouldn’t want to get into any trouble with the law, so I am going to have to leave that one out. You are a life saver (literally) thank you!


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