Slovakia Day 9 – First Day of School, Phone Issues, & First Slovak Rotary Meeting

When I said yesterday was the calm before the storm, I was not kidding. Today seemed boring at times, but it was also very hectic. I had my very first day of school today, and I was able to go to my first rotary meeting. I feel bad for all of the kids that I was able to meet today, because I won’t be able to remember all of there names. But, I hope that sometime in the next week I will be able to take some pictures and have some great conversations with my classmates!

Happy Birthday Mom

Today I woke up at around 6:50, took a shower, and was quickly whisked out of the house by my host mom. She went with me to school, where I walked around while she talked to different political heads of the school. Eventually, I talked to the director, who did not speak English. I was able to understand her because one of the teachers acted as a translator. That was the last time today that things were translated.

Finally after about an hour of walking around the school, my host mom left and my homeroom teacher took me to my classroom. I must note, that my homeroom teach does not speak any English. She introduced me to the class in Slovak, and I took my seat right next to the door on the front row. I sat next to a very quite girl, so unfortunately I was not able to get her name. I will have to do that tomorrow.

Once the teacher had finished whatever she was doing (she only spoke in Slovak so I had no clue) a few students came over to my desk to talk to me. After a while of talking to them, a few of them offered to take me around the school. I was more than happy to accept, because I had no idea where things were. Although the tour did not help much, and here is why.

The school must have been designed by Daedalus, because it was a labyrinth. The school was huge too, although I could not imagine why. The student population there could not have been more than 500 students. Either way, I was very confused before I was given a tour of the school, and I think I am even more confused now that I have been shown just how expansive my school is. I hope that I will be able to learn where everything is before class starts next Monday.

I know that today was my first day of school technically, but this entire week will be half days. That is nice, it gives me a week to really learn all of my classmates names, and to be able to attempt to learn where I need to be for my classes. One thing that really bothers me with this is how ill informed I am. I have no idea what is going on, what classes I am taking, etc. I don’t know if I can blame the language barrier or not, but I am starting to suspect that I do not know because of just a cultural difference.

We got let out of school today around 11, and I took the bus home for the first time. A neighbor of mine showed me how to use the bus, and very graciously payed for me to ride this time. A very nice guy, although I don’t know his full name. I was told to call him Maty, but I don’t know if that is his real name. Somewhat frustratingly I had gone to the store today and gotten some more snack food to try out, but unfortunately my memory card was in my computer and not my camera. And I am sure no one wants to see pictures of some candy wrappers. I must say however, I don’t know if I had bought dog food or what, but I don’t think I will ever trust anything that has come out of a can again.

Once my host dad Brano had come home from work, he took me to go and get a cell service provider. I was trying to tell them that my phone was locked, and that it wouldn’t work, but they assured me that it wouldn’t be any problem. Surprise to everyone but me, it didn’t work and I had to have my mom submit a form to my previous provider so that it can be unlocked. Very frustrating!

I was able to go to my first Rotary meeting today, and it was a very interesting experience. My host dad dropped me off at a fairly fancy hotel, where I found myself greeting rotary people in Slovak. They apparently rent out a conference room weekly, and this was a very nice room. We even had dinner there, and that was fantastic as well. I was told that one of the next meetings that I go to I will have to prepare a PowerPoint about me. I am somewhat frusterated because I had forgotten about the meeting, and I had forgotten to bring my camera and gift for my host club.

That is all for today, but I was suggested a very good idea by a certain someone. They suggested that I do a word of the day at the end of every post. Well today’s word of the day is

Škola – School

The Š is pronounced like sh, while the rest of it would be just like in English.

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