Slovakia Day 13 – Cross Fit, Painted Nails, and Short Rant

There is a fantastic festival that is going on in Banska Bystrica. There are rides that will make your heart stop, live bands producing fantastic Slovak music, and there is enough booze to get the entire country drunk! Of course, I didn’t end up going tonight. Never fear, however! I will be going tomorrow night, and I will make sure I take tons of pictures! But for now, here is what I did today.

I learned a few things about the Slovak education system today. I am going to try and be as objective as possible, and also I will try to be brief because I will want to try and put this into its own post, because I have a lot to say on the matter. Anyway, I have started to understand the system that we are using here, its benefits and its drawbacks. In Slovakia, they study certain subjects much longer than we would in America, and there is little choice on what subjects you get to choose. I don’t want to go into too much detail, again because I would like to make a separate post, but I feel like speaking out is not as encouraged as in the US. And not just speaking out too.

I know people will say: “Oh its just the language barrier” but no, I know when people can’t talk. These kids won’t talk, or rather, don’t know what to say. At my old school in America, there were a few kids who could keep up with me in an argument, and quickly think on the spot. Everyone here, struggles in that department. Even listening to them argue in Slovak, I don’t quite know how but I can feel the time delay in their responses and the lack of a structured response. With that said however, they are much smarter than you or I. They can do math problems I wouldn’t be learning until this year with no problem, and I would only just be learning them. When it comes to intelligence coming straight from the book, I don’t know of many people that can top them. Although this might not make sense, please be patient with me. I will write an article on the appeared differences between Slovak and American schools, so just wait until then.

Already looking huge after just 1 day of cross fit…. Just kidding, I just wanted to show my new hat! I have started to really like hats, and this one is super Slovak so that makes it even better!

I went to Cross-fit here in Slovakia for the first time, and believe me when I say I was not ready. I got home today from school and started to just pig out on junk food, not realizing what was coming. My host dad walks in around 5:20, and says to me “In 5 minutes we go, OK?” I ask him where and he reminds me that all of the spaghetti, chocolate, and soda that I had just drank would be returning the same way it came. It was very cool however, because I basically had a private trainer. It was only us two today for the first half, and we did some basic workout things. At the second half we paired up as a team and took on two other guys training in the same building. I was very tired at the end, and realized just how bad of shape I am in. Thankfully however, the absurd amount of terrible food I ate stayed put.

We both had our nails still wet at the time so was not easy taking a picture with my camera

Tonight my host sister painted my nails, and I was on board with the idea until she told me mid way through that we don’t own any nail polish remover. At that point, stopped caring and told her to just told her to keep painting. It was fun to be able to talk to her and get to know her better, she really is a great host sister!

Today’s word of the day is:

autobus – bus

Pronounced just it would be in English, and here is the reason I bring it up! I was trying to get off the bus today and right as I got to the exit, the doors closed on me. I swear I heard the bus driver laugh at me. I had to walk home from another stop away, which was at the bottom of the hill I live on.

 All of these pictures were taken on a Sony A6000. If you are looking for a great light weight camera that takes fantastic pictures, I would definitively recommend this setup here.

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

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