Slovakia Day 21 – Shrooms, Mountians, & Swimming

I must admit, that I was frustrated for most of the day. I really do wish that I would have taken the time to really appreciate where I was, and the view I had. However once I really got over the tough “hump” of the day it was smooth sailing. Being able to climb mountains, collect some mushrooms, and swim in basically an indoor waterpark was quite the fill for my day.

I was told last night, that I would be getting up early in the morning to go to grandma’s cottage, but I woke up around 10:30. When I inquired about this, they simply said that we had gotten rained out. I was somewhat thankful about this, because I had quite a bit of work to do. For those who don’t know, I have just moved web hosts, and it has been a massive ordeal and pain (it has been such a pain I have technically missed “today’s” post! It is almost 2AM at time of writing). I spent many hours on the phone and clicking through endless subdomains, and I was getting fairly irritated with my old host. This was not very good for my attitude throughout the day.

My host family tried to tell me that we were going somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out where they were trying to tell me we were going. I just grabbed my shoes, my camera, and my somewhat annoyed attitude and left. What I failed to notice as we were walking out the door was the fact that my host family all had hiking boots on, and proper hiking wear. I was wearing some nice Vans and some jeans. I would soon learn the fruits of my errors.



When we had finally arrived to our destination it appeared we were in some mountain village, which used to be known for it’s mining output. I eventually came to realise that I was not properly equipped for what we would be doing, and I subtly complained the entire time (although I don’t think they noticed/understood). We climbed our way through a church, and up the side of a small mountain where we finally reached our destination. We had climbed up the mountain in search for mushrooms, which I am told is a very common tradition in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Good to eat!

It was not long before we found a mushroom, Sophi and my host mom were ecstatic. I couldn’t really understand why, but they kept telling me that we were going to be eating well very soon. I mean, if we had found some kind of truffle or something, then maybe I could understand their excitement, but a mushroom? I guess I will have to wait and see, as I have been told they are preparing a dish with the mushroom.

While we were off trailblazing and searching for mushrooms, we came across some very brightly colored mushrooms. I was told that if I would eat these, I would probably die. I found it interesting that the ones that would potentially kill you were very brightly colored, as if saying: “HEY EVERYONE, I AM VERY BRIGHT SO YOU KNOW NOT TO EAT ME”. At least, that’s what i thought it was saying, it might just be a mushroom who knows.

Once we had climbed down the mountain, it was finally time to go home. At this point, I was fairly annoyed. My nice shoes were all dirty, and I knew when I would get home, I would have to work on getting this dumb blog up and running. And unfortunately, that was what I ended up doing for about 4 hours until I was offered to go to the pool.

When they told me that we were going to the pool, I assumed that it was just some dinky old community pool, and didn’t really expect anything of it. No, we went to what seemed like a full on resort. I did not take my camera because I was worried about it getting stolen, but with the system they had there I wouldn’t have had to worry at all. When you entered the building and payed, you were given a wristband with some kind of electronic on it that allowed communication with all of the buildings different systems. You could lock your locker, check how much time you had left, and more with this simple wrist band! I know it sounds dumb, but it really was a fantastic place. I will have to make sure I take my camera next time.

Alright, I better wrap this up. I am almost hitting 2AM and I still have some work I need to get done before I go to bed. I know it being Sunday now, my posts don’t count as daily anymore, but I think that it is the effort that counts. Anyway, the word of the day is:

unavený – tired

Pronounced like unaviny, pretty much sums me up right now.

 All of these pictures were taken on a Sony A6000. If you are looking for a great lightweight camera that takes fantastic pictures, I would definitively recommend this setup here.

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