Slovakia Day 23 – Baseball!

It’s funny how the little things that happen through the day can make a big difference. Today was just a “meh” kind of day, but a little thing that someone did for me really just turned it into a “wow this is pretty awesome day”. Read on to find out what happened.

Monday’s are the worst. It is the day where I have to stay the latest in school, and it is the day where I have the worst classes: Chemistry, Physics, Geography, the whole 9 yards. Slovak classes at the end of the day are a real nice change of pace, the only issue I have with them is that they overlap with the only class that I understand and enjoy: English. Frustrating, but I know that in the end learning Slovak will be good for me in the long run.

I had wanted to go out and try to order food by myself at a restaurant, but the cold weather and the lack of motivation kept me at home. I would try and do it tomorrow, but I have been invited to some kind of French dinner tomorrow night? Not really sure what that is about, but I want to go into it with an empty stomach just in case.

I tried to be semi-clickbaity in my intro paragraph, but having a baseball in the title and featured image doesn’t really help keep a secret. At my Rotary meeting today, Mr. Belko walked up to me and asked me if I still needed a baseball. I said yes and he handed me one. I was ecstatic, although it might sound silly I was somewhat stressed out about how I would get one. Once the meeting was over, I made sure to thank him again and I ran all the way home to tell Sofi that I had found a baseball and to ready up her mit because it was time. Of course, she wasn’t feeling the best so I decided to hold off until she was ready to enjoy it. For now though, I will play with it myself.

Wow, it’s already 11? I have been planning a few things, so I hadn’t really noticed the time. I have such a full schedule this week that it is a little unbelievable. Tomorrow I have that French dinner event, Wednesday I plan to go back to the Slovak National Uprising to take some pictures for this engineer. Friday I leave for my first Rotary orientation, so I have to prepare a few posts just in case I don’t have internet while I am there. Ugh, so much to do. Well, I think the most important thing I can do now is rest. With that being said, today’s word of the day is:

pondelok – monday

Pronounced like pondelok in English, I choose this not only because today is Monday, but because I spent some time learning the days of the week today. Or at least tried.

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