Slovakia Day 24 – French and Spanish Adventures

Today I was able to go to a French and Spanish cultural tasting, where I got to see examples of their foods, drinks, and music. I must say, I am very excited for Euro Tour at the end of the year, because with the amazing food that I was able to try today I wouldn’t want to miss it. Read on to find out what I had.

This evening I was told that I was going to a French and Spanish dinner/tasting event, but I didn’t know much more. We left the house, and it was a very gloomy dark afternoon, with a slight drizzle that would leave us to have to drive to our destination. When we got there, I was a little surprised to see that the event was seemingly being held at a bar. We got there, I talked to some of the Rotarians, basic “Hi how are you, how’s school” etc. After a short while, we were corralled downstairs where there was a display of a spanish dance. I unfortunately couldn’t get any pictures of this because the lighting was poor.

Once we had finished watching the dancing in the cellar, we went back upstairs to try some food. My favorites of the night were these pudding called far brenton (if I can trust the little sign next to it). When dipped in a little plum drink it really tasted fantastic.

Rotarians that were there tonight
Best picture I could take of the music

I don’t have much to say today, tomorrow I have to get up an hour earlier than I have been so I will have to finish up a little earlier tonight. You should go check out my cousin Chandlers post, it records his first month in Japan. Anyway, here is today’s word of the day:

hladnĂ˝ – hungry

Pronounced like hladnee, describes my current state.

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