From Michigan to Japan Day 1 – Introduction

Hello everyone! This is Alex from the Daily Slovak posts, and today we have a guest blogger currently writing from Hokkaido, Japan! His name is Chandler, and he is originally from Michigan, USA. He is currently staying in a farm on the outskirts of the Monbetsu, which is right on the coast of Japan’s second largest island. I am not quite sure how often we will see him on here, but I hope we can see more updates from the nihon!

(9/13/17) I have been in Japan for 1 month now it has been the most fun I have had in my life. At school I am busy everyday. Monday is interact club, Tuesday is kendo club, Wednesday is photography club, Thursday is tea ceremony club, and Friday is Interact club. Being busy like this is nice because now I have things to do. On the first day of school I had to give a speech in front of the entire school at the opening ceremony. Everybody here is incredibly nice and helpful! The food here is amazing! My first host family is super nice and helps me when I need it. Before I came to Japan I never had to drink coffee but now that I’m so busy I have to have coffee in the morning and during lunch in order to actually stay awake during the day. That’s all I can think of for now. I will try to start putting daily things on here now that the first month is over.

(9/14/17) Today I woke up kind of late. Nothing much happened at school today. I left school early for a rotary meeting and it was at a ramen shop. I didn’t know how hot the ramen actually was so I blew on it a few times then drank some of the broth and it burned my tongue and it still is burned. After that I went home and watched Dragon Ball until we left to go out to eat at a sushi restaurant. Raw fish like sashimi is not a big thing for me. It doesn’t really taste like anything so I don’t mind eating it. I’m currently still at the sushi restaurant and will be here for a few more hours waiting for my host brother.

(9/15/17) Today I actually woke up early and not late for once. However I forgot to grab some coffee this morning and also forgot my wallet so I couldn’t buy any at the school vending machine. I ended up falling asleep in my first 3 classes. in my second class the rest of the kids were taking a test and half asleep I decided to scoot in my chair and it made an incredibly loud sound and every single one of them turned their heads to me and looked at me for about 10 seconds. After school I went to the tea ceremony club for the first time. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it however being the only guy there feels very awkward. After the meeting they offered to buy me a drink from the vending machine.

(9/19/17)I might have to start wearing a gauze mask everyday to cover my face so I don’t break school rules. I’m not allowed to have a beard or mustache but when I shave in the morning it’s already all grown back half way through the day. Today during school my homeroom teacher gave me a new book and this one is to learn kanji. Now I actually have something to do during class. After school was the tea ceremony club. The club is a lot of fun, everybody is always so full of energy. The club ended around 6:30 pm so I didn’t go on the 5:30 bus because I hate leaving a club early and my host dad seemed kind of upset about that because he thinks I missed the 5:30 bus. I would prefer to ride the later 7:30 bus. I really don’t mind waiting an extra hour.

Japanese word of the day

かさ (Kasa) – Umbrella

The thing I still don’t have and it rains like everyday


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