Slovakia Day 25 – Lunch, Lessons, and Cya CrossFit!

I had a lot of fun today, even though I must admit I was falling asleep in most of my classes. Today really did have it’s ups and downs, ranging from barely being able to pay attention in geography, to eating ice cream with another exchange student. However, I must confess I thought I was going to have to throw my laptop out of the window because of issues with my blog. Why can’t technology just WORK?? Anyway, read on to find out the reason why.

I woke up this morning, more disappointed than anything. For the past two days I haven’t had a first period, which meant I could sleep in an extra hour. Today however, I was up bright and early. I went to the bus stop with my friend Martin, who lives in the same apartment complex. Now, I am not blaming Martin for what happened, and to be completely honest I don’t really care, I just thought I might share what happened. Our bus is bus number 25, and two will come within 5 minutes of each other in the morning. Now our bus pulled up, and I think that Martin thought it was the first bus, but rather it was the second. So we had to wait a solid 15 minutes before another bus that was going to our school came. Martin was worried, but I didn’t mind too much, because I reasoned if anyone in Rotary was concerned with me being so late on this particular date, I could explain what happened.

I was tired for most of the day, which caused me to forget to eat. I don’t know what it is with me, and my host family finds it very strange; but I sometimes just forget to eat when I am preoccupied with other things. It happens quite often, especially when I am busy with my blog and whatnot. I hadn’t really realised I was hungry until later in the day, but once I had eaten I was full of energy (ish). It’s amazing the difference one plum can make.

After my Slovak lessons today, Ashley, the exchange student from Florida who also does the Slovak lessons with me, and myself went out to the town square to get some food. We originally went to some sit down restaurant, but no one came to take our order after about 20 minutes so we just decided to go and try somewhere else. We went to some pizza place, where I guess we had some Slovak style pizza. No matter where it is from, I think all can agree that pizza is great. Especially pizza with chicken on it (you know who you are). Being able to talk about our struggles and the fun times we have had in Slovakia was fun, I hope that me and Ashley can have the opportunity to do that again.

I decided today, that I would not be continuing CrossFit. My trainer that I had was fantastic, and I really appreciate him putting up with me struggling in his classes. However, my reasoning is that if I wanted to just get in shape, I would go to the gym. Yes, I do want to be in shape, but I want to really experience Slovakia. So I told my family my decision, and I inquired to them about joining some kind of sports team. To be honest, I don’t care what type. I just want to be able to experience something new, and something fun. Nothing was decided, but the words soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, golf, swimming, and track were thrown around (of course it was football and not soccer, but I have to help out my American audience).

I was going to discuss what the “frustrating” part of my day was, but I really don’t think that anyone would understand. A lot of issues have been going down transferring files and the domain to a new WEB HOST. But, I believe that I have everything sorted out (knock on wood), so I will be concluding today’s entry. Today’s word of the day is:

starí rodičia – grandparents

Pronounced like stari rodichia, in my Slovak lesson today we learned all about different family name classifications.

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