Slovakia Day 30 – Karate

Today I felt very rushed, and I don’t think I will be getting a break tomorrow. Not that being rushed is something that is bad, I just sometimes need a break. With the orientation weekend being long and exhausting, it has been quite tough jumping right back into school. Here is what I am talking about.

Monday’s are the worst. It might be just what I have personally observed, but I get the impression that all science teachers have the same attitude, no matter the country they are from. They have that “I teach science so that must mean I am right” attitude. Of course, being the stubborn person I am this doesn’t go well with me. Also, having both Chemistry and Physics in the same day doesn’t help the matter one bit. Monday’s are one of the two days out of the week that I have to stay at school until 3, which might not seem to bad for all of my American readers, but here everyone is going home at 1:30.

Today once I finished my Slovak lesson, I had to rush home to prepare a presentation. I was told last week, that I would need to prepare a presentation about me for my host Rotary club. Of course, I had thought that I would have time after the orientation, but that just was not possible because of the events that I did with my host family afterwards. So once I got home, I rushed onto my computer and started jamming away. I only had about an hour and a half to not only prepare the presentation, but scavenge facebook for pictures of my family, where I live, etc. I had thought that I had covered everything, and rushed out of the house.

There is one other girl in my club with me, and she is Nicole from Taiwan. Her presentation was fantastic, with a very clean and well structured powerpoint, while mine was just a while backdrop boring mess. To give myself credit, it was not all too terrible, but once I had seen Nicole’s I knew that I could have done better. Although I was concerned about the quality of it, I was assured by my youth exchange officer that it was sufficient, which did help my mood.

Right after the meeting, I rushed out with my youth exchange officer to meet Mr. Benka of the other rotary club in Banska Bystrica. He offered to take me to check out his Karate club that he attends, because he had heard that I was interested in finding something active to do after school. I have done karate extensively in the far past, nothing recent so I went in with a very open mind. And to my surprise, it was really great. Looking back on it, what I was learning before felt very stagnant and without purpose. With every move that we practiced today I could feel the purpose behind it, and the practical application of it. Because of this, I hope that I can return.

Not much to write about today, I had work to do on the blog so I couldn’t really write all too much. A lot is happening behind the scenes, and I hope that you guys can be a little patient with me while I work things out. Anyway, I will end it off here. Today’s word of the day is:

Toto – This

Pronounced like you would in English, I had the opportunity today in my Slovak lessons to learn about how to call out objects.

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