Slovakia Day 34 – Ruins, Running, and a Clocktower

Today was so eventful, I had almost forgotten that I had gone to school today. To quickly summarize what had happened: I tried to explore some ruins, almost got stabbed, climbed up a clock tower, and was slightly disappointed. A bit of a rowdy day to say the least.

A river next to the ruins

After school today, I decided that I would finally do what I had promised a few days ago. I don’t know if you remember, but a few days ago I promised that I would go “somewhere interesting”. Well that somewhere interesting is a ruined part of a well that used to surround the city. I have not done much (any) research on this, so I could be completely wrong, but someone in my class told me that this was once part of a wall that surrounded and protected the city, now it was nothing. Of course, I was interested.

I first saw this when I was riding home on the bus, and I was somewhat surprised that I had not noticed it earlier. Although it is quite hidden away, as this was all you could really see from the street. I passed by this same wall for days, always telling myself that I would check it out, but never have until today.

As I had gotten closer, I noticed that it just wasn’t a flat wall, rather it looked like a decaying building. Now here is the really interesting part. From the outside, you can’t tell how far down these tunnels go, so I tried to get a closer look. I went maybe a yard from the entrance when I heard something move. I look up and there is a man staring right back at me. Funny enough, I was less concerned about my well being, and more about my camera being stolen. I felt like we had eye contact for an eternity, but in reality it was probably not much longer than a second. He then shifted his weight, as he was sitting down, and I saw something glimmer in his hand. Now, I can’t say for certain that it was a sharp object in his hands, but I knew that no matter what it was, for my safety and well being it would be better for me to not be around. I did what any sensible man would and tumbled my way out of the weeds and undergrowth that was blocking the entrance as fast as I could.

I zoomed my camera in as far as I could, but this was the best shot I could get of where I was. The centermost entrance is where I encountered this man.

After I had this encounter, I was quite shaken. It takes a lot to shake a big guy like me, so after I had taken the bus back home I sat down to relax. I had been in a bit of an adventurous mood today, so I spent a good amount of time thinking about something I could do later in the afternoon. Well it struck me that I had never visited the clocktower in the town square.

I had looked up the time the sun would set in Banska Bystrica, which appeared to be 6:27, and I set my alarm to make sure I would make it out there in time. Once 6 rolled around, I started to get my shoes and camera when I looked outside and realised something. Banska Bystrica is surrounded by mountains. Of course, the sun would set at 6:27 in Banska Bystrica, you would only be able to see it however, if you had x-ray vision.

The town square

All 101 stairs!

Nevertheless, I made my way down to the clock tower and climbed my way up. To get to the tops, you have to climb 101 stairs, a total of 20.43m to the balcony. When I had gotten to the balcony, I immediately lost and frustration. To be able to see the entire town square from such a height was stunning. I hope that my pictures can do justice.

Anyway, that is going to do it for me today, I hope you enjoyed it because I sure did! Today’s word of the day is:

Beh – Run

Pronounced like beeh, I think it should be fairly obvious why I choose this one…

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