Slovakia Day 38 – Genuine People

I am not sure if it is Slovak people that are absolutely amazing, but somethings that I have been witnessing over the past few weeks have lead me to believe that they really are some of the kindest and most genuine people in the world.

After school today, I was waiting for the bus when I heard someone rushing across the road. When I look up, it was a young man, no older than myself, rushing across a busy road to help an old man up who had slipped and fallen in the rain. Now, this was a real great act of kindness, but what really brought it home for me is the fact that this young man was obviously missing his bus to go and help this man up (the bus was arriving just as he ran across the road). The young man obviously knew the consequences of his actions, but he did it anyway just because it was the right thing.

Now you might say:

“Alex, good deeds like that happen everywhere, it isn’t just a Slovakia thing!”

And I will say to you, no, good deeds are not just a Slovakia thing. Something that I have found unique to Slovakia however is the entire populations generosity and kindness. Sure things like this might happen in other countries, but something that I have observed is that it is not just these secluded events, rather it is a consistent amount of events such as helping an old man up, or running half way across a mall because someone left there card in an ATM (Not me).

Other than that, today was pretty slow. I went to the mall today to shop around, but I did not end up buying anything. Something very interesting is happening tomorrow however, and I am going to give you a little hint on what that is. I am getting up tomorrow at ~5, getting to school at ~6, and taking a 4 hour bus ride to somewhere. I won’t share it quite yet, but it will be very interesting, I am charging my camera’s batteries.

That is all from me today. I am pretty tired, I have spent a good portion of my day researching and developing a side project, I think I might have mentioned it in previous posts. I can’t write about it here however, as it would cause some complications. Anyway, today’s word of the day is:

Voda – Water

Pronounced like voda, something that annoys me quite a bit is the sparkling water. I am not a fan.

All of these pictures were taken on a Sony A6000. If you are looking for a great lightweight camera that takes fantastic pictures, I would definitively recommend this setup here.
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