Slovakia Day 40 – Naps & Facebook Issues

Normally, I would write an intro paragraph here for all of my friends on facebook, but unfortunately for some reason I cannot access my facebook account. I have spent the last 4 hours + trying to get my account back online, but it has disappeared entirely. I am frustrated, but I am going to give it 24 hours to possibly reset before I start writing angrily worded emails to Mark Zuckerberg.

I was very tired this morning, and for most of the day. I did not get to go to bed until very late last night, due to the project I have been talking about. After I got home from school, I found my facebook account was having some issues. After about an hour of troubleshooting it, I decided enough was enough, and I would leave it be. Of course, what is the best thing to do when you are frustrated and tired? Take a nap of course. I went to bed, and when I woke, my room was dark only being lit by the glow of my laptop. I was a little concerned that it was late into the night, and my sleep schedule would have been messed up, but fortunately for me it was only 7 in the evening (I don’t know if that is much of a benefit, as it is now almost 11 and I am not tired one bit).

Other than that, nothing happened today. I was very tired from my trip to the hydropower plants, which you can check out here. I did find out today, that I am going to have to get an examination at the doctor’s office, which I have been dreading ever since I had first heard about it. I am not a fan of needles, and apparently I am going to have my blood drawn so it should be very “fun”

Anyway, I am going to stop going on about random nonsense and wrap it up. I am a little curious what my traffic numbers will be like today, as I will have nothing coming from facebook. I am going to not think about that as it is making me quite frustrated. Today’s word of the day is:

Nič – Nothing

Pronounced like niche in English


  • Ginger

    October 6, 2017

    I wondered where you were on FB.

    • alexfranke8

      October 6, 2017

      Something has happened to my facebook account and it has been taken down for some reason. Currently working on trying to get it back up.


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