Slovak National Uprising Project – Planning and Goals

Earlier today I wrote about my new project, and in this post I plan on trying to break it down. You can read about it here, but I will give a brief explanation. I have been interested in writing for a long time, and now I plan on putting my skills to the test with a little bit of a research project. I want to write something in between a long article and a short book, something that is feasible for a beginner like myself. The best way to get myself to actually do this project and not have one of those “one day of motivation” spurts is to set a plan/some goals.


  • Write what I have already
    • I went to the SNP (Slovak National Uprising Museum) today, and I took roughly 500 pictures worth of documentation.
    • I plan on writing that out, and documenting as much as I can from my trip today
  • Find any materials I can from the museum
    • Firstly I will ask if they have any resources I can use to look further into the subject.
    • I will see if I can find people that are willing to talk about any kind of experience (although that might be difficult as their numbers are dwindling as the years go by).
  • First hand experience
    • Visit any locations that offer significance (Banska Bystrica was the center of the uprising movement, so I am in the perfect location.
  • Wrap it up/anything that I come up with down the line

That is my plan for this, this is project is purely for research and for developing my writing skills. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

(I have pictures with actual information on them, I just decided you could wait until I started to do it myself. I am planning on starting work on it tomorrow, although I don’t want to get bored of it too quick, so I will start a little slow.)



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