Slovakia Day 42 – Hiking, Mushrooms & Abandoned Buildings

I told myself that I would get out of the house and do something productive today. I accomplished both of those, hiking in the morning, and working on my project in the evening. You can check out my progress here.  I am going to have to go back where I was hiking with some friends, read on to find out why.

Hiking to the Church

My journey today to the woods was nothing less than spectacular. It was about a kilometer to the trailhead, and although there was a map of where I should have gone, I wandered off on my own. I first found myself at a church, which I did not spend too much time at. It was a bit eerie, because it was placed in an empty field and there was no one else around. Once I had set off there, I took a trail that dove deeper into the woods. Unfortunately, it started to rain right around then, so I was a little afraid to take my camera out of my bag. However, what I experienced was not something that a camera could capture. The serenity of the woods is amazing. Being able to listen to the birds around, and the slight sound of rain falling is very peaceful.

Abandoned Building

It’s not in the picture, but the bunker I talk about is to the right side of the building

While I was walking down the trail, I stumbled across an abandoned building. I would have investigated it further, but the last time I did that I nearly got stabbed. I didn’t have the opportunity to snag a picture, but there was some kind of underground bunker that I would like to explore in the future. Exploring the unknown is something that excites me, so I can’t wait to go back with someone who is willing to brave the danger


I must note, that this was nearly as hard as wood! I am not even sure if it is a mushroom…

Something that Slovakia has an abundance of, is mushrooms. There were probably 15 different types of mushrooms that I saw off the side of the trail while walking today. Some of them, had an oozing liquid on them, while others were the size of a dinner plate. This isn’t my first experience with mushrooms, a few weeks ago I went mushroom hunting with my family. You can see that in this post here. While I was out, I was passively looking for the edible kind of mushroom. However, there are some types of mushrooms that are extremely poisonous, so I decided to not test my mushroom knowledge. 

A… Something??

I am not quite sure what this is. With the Slovak National Uprising on my mind, I have myself convinced that this was some type of bunker. Unfortunately, I couldn’t explore it much more because the door to get inside appeared to be sealed shut. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know, I am very interested!

Word of the Day!

That’s all from me today, my day was fun! I had the opportunity to balance fun and “work” (although is it work if it is fun?). Anyway, today’s word of the day is:

Huba – Mushroom

Pronounced like huba in English, I choose this because of the amount of mushrooms I saw today!

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