Slovakia Day 43 – Lazy Day

A lazy Sunday is something that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. Now, all the people with Rotary are probably be a little upset, but I did not do anything today. I did not go outside, I didn’t go hiking, I didn’t do anything. I sat at home, watched some movies, did a little bit more research for my project, and I just lazed around in bed. Of course, I am going to make sure that this post is nicely content filled, so worry not!

I have been growing more and more annoyed at the concept of going to school. Of course, this is the gripe of every student, but I believe that I have a fairly valid reason. When I go to school, I severely limit what I am able to accomplish. I can’t go out and explore the country, because I am spending 5-8 hours stuck in a classroom. Of course, my exchange is a cultural, lingual, AND academic exchange, but I feel like the academic part of it is holding me back. I have no need for the classes, because

  • I am not learning any information
  • I cannot understand the teachers
  • I do not need to take the classes because I have already “graduated”

Because of this, I feel like I am wasting my time. I feel like the main reason that I am not exchange here, is to learn about the culture, however I feel like the language and school are really holding me back. Language will come over time, but the school will stick with me for the next 6 months. In summary: school is not allowing me to fully experience what this country has to offer. Yes I know that I am not here on vacation, but I feel like I could achieve the purpose of this exchange much more successfully if I was not wasting my time.

In other news, here is the word of the day:

horĨica – mustard

Pronounced like horchitsa in English

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