Slovakia Day 51 – Tea

Even though today was another start to a school week, there was still some fantastic cultural exchange that went on. From a Taiwanese girl critiquing Slovak Bubble tea, to complaints on KFC, we learned a lot from each other today.

After my Slovak lessons today, Ashley (Florida), Nicole (Taiwan), and myself went to the mall after our Slovak lessons. We all have our Rotary meetings on Monday, so it was a great way to kill time. While we were there, we first tried Bubble tea, or boba. Boba, is a tea mixed with milk or fruits, with fruit jellies resting at the bottom. Anyway, we all ordered our different teas, and gave them a test. I personally didn’t mind mine too much, but the other girls didn’t seem to enjoy it at all. After we grabbed our teas, we went over to the KFC in the mall and got some chicken. Note for anyone getting KFC in Slovakia (or anything else that has something “spicy”): If it says spicy, that means it is probably at the same level as pepper

Something I must note, is that after I write a longer post, the next day’s post is always short. I don’t know if it is my creative writing levels need a recharge or what, but I certianly wouldn’t want to break tradition so I am going to leave it here. A little update on what I will be doing the rest of this week: tomorrow/today (12:14AM at time of writing), I will be finally getting a haircut. I have felt homeless for the past few weeks or so. On Wednesday I plan to visit an old library, where the Slovak President has an office. And on Thursday I plan on seeing the new Bladerunner movie with my classmates. Very fun filled.

The word of the day today is:

spánok – sleep

Pronounced the same in English. Very much needed but won’t be getting much of. 


  • G Man

    October 17, 2017

    “I personally didn’t mind mine too much, but the other girls” …???

    P.S. Nice picture.

    • alexfranke8

      October 17, 2017


  • Ginger

    October 17, 2017

    Spanok, my favorite word so far!


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