Slovakia Day 55+56 – Possible Trip?

It is extremely ironic that I was just going on about how I would stay consistent and true to my posting nature, and ensure that I post daily, while I don’t have a post yesterday. My reason for this, is that fact that I simply had nothing to write about. The weather was poor, so I was not able to go outside and try out my new baseball bat, and I don’t think that my host family would have liked it too much if I started swinging in the house. Well enough of yesterday, here is today’s “news”. 

I find myself to have a lot of free time in school. This free time I have found leads me down two separate paths: one of planning what I should do for the following week, and one of frustration. Fortunately, today I had both. I will of course be starting with what frustrated me, or rather, how I will deal with it. 

For the past few months, there has been something nagging me in the back of my mind. Coming up ever so often, but I dismiss it as soon as I can because it proves to be a real mood killer. I would like to talk about it in detail, but out of respect for the person it involves, I don’t think that I am going to be able to anytime soon. Every time I think of this one issue, I scramble for a solution to it. However, until today, I was not able to come up with anything. However, during one of my classes in school, I was reminded something. One of my old teachers was in a similar predicament, and the way they dealt with it was by sending a well written letter containing the source of their frustration. This seems like a great idea to me, so I am going to have to write this letter and see what comes of it. 

In much better news, I mentioned how I thought about planning something. I want to try and plan a trip to Bratislava for a weekend, and be able to go around the city there. For this trip however, I am going to plan it out much better than I have planned other things in the past, and take my time. I am going to contact a few people that I know in Bratislava, and I hope that they will be able to host me for the weekend I plan to be there. There is even a radio station that wants to interview me while I am there. When I decide to make an itinerary and find out what/when I am going to be doing this I will post it here.

I have not gone to Karate in I think 2 weeks now, which is a little unfortunate because I do enjoy it quite a bit. However, this time it was not due to my cancelation, rather it was my ride not being able to make it this week. I completely understand, and it actually worked out for the better for me anyway because my Rotary meeting ran long anyway. The reason my Rotary meeting ran long was because there were many presentations by past exchange students (Rotex), to show prospective exchange students what it would be like. I am sure that all of their presentations were fantastic, but I couldn’t understand much of what they were saying so I was quite bored. But, I did get some good food for dinner so that is always a plus. 

Today’s word of the day is:

Tento víkend som išiel do kina, a dal som si ostrihať vlasy. Nič viac sa nestalo – This week I went to the cinema, and had my hair cut. Nothing more happened

Every week for my Rotary club, I have to present what I did in the past week… In Slovak. This is this weeks, although I did not get to present it because the meeting ran overtime. 

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