Slovakia Day 58 – Tank Books!

Ashley, the exchange student here in Banska Bystrica with me, showed me the new bus station shopping mall that was just built. And in this shopping mall, there is a book store. I can see in the very near future very many of my Euros will be heading that way…

Today I woke up, had some breakfast with my host family for the day, and walked to school. I am going to need to buy some heavier clothes, because I am certainly not ready for what is coming. Apparently, this morning it was below freezing, and I was just wearing a light jacket. I might head to the mall later on in the week to buy a heavier jackets, because the jackets I have are either not heavy enough, or designed for outdoor activities (and not for fashion). 

After our Slovak lessons today, Ashley, Nicole and myself all went to the new bus station that I mentioned earlier. I hadn’t been yet, but Ashley was telling me about a great book store there, which got me fairly excited. Once we had arrived, I picked out a few books from the English section, and then waited for the other girls to choose something. As I was browsing the store, a word caught my eye. Tank. In the corner of the store, was an entire section of books, all about tanks. Of course, I immediately ripped all of them from the shelves, and started making my way to the counter. I made it halfway there, when Ashley reminded me that I had to walk home from there, and carrying half of the store with me was not an option. Saddened, but not defeated, I grabbed the two most interesting books, and went to checkout. And it was a pretty good deal for me because one of the books was normally 60 Euros, but was priced at 23. Only problem is that they are all in Slovak. 

After we finished there, we went to a supermarket, bought some food, then made our way to our next destination: the Slovak National Uprising Museum. The entire way, I was spouting facts left and right, obviously annoying them. In my defense it is something that I am very interested in, and I tried not to be too pushy about it. However, they were interested in some of it, and they were very disappointed when we got to the museum and found out it was closed. It is a bit unfortunate but I will have to go again another time. 

I have written this post in record time, and here is why: I just found out that we have a halloween festival tomorrow, and I need a costume. So let’s bomb out a word of the day:

osem – eight

Pronounced the same in English, it is the amount of hours I have to prepare this costume…

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