Slovakia Day 60 – Making some Burritos!

Today was one of those days that had its ups and its downs. On downside, I struggled for nearly an hour and a half to get them money to buy groceries, and on the plus side I had the opportunity to make some American food for my host family. But boy, was I frustrated in the mall today. 

After school had gotten out, I went home to drop my backpack off, and then I went out to the store. I had told my family earlier in the week that I would make dinner for them, but I hadn’t gotten any of the necessary ingredients. Once I had arrived at the mall, my first order of business was to try and get cash to pay for it. It then turned into a whole ordeal where I couldn’t withdraw funds, and then I couldn’t call my parents or my bank to try and work something out. To finally solve the problem I had to walk about a quarter mile to find some free wifi I could email my dad. The entire time that was going on, I was very frustrated, especially with my phone service provider. When it would not let me make any calls, I went to my service providers store that they have in the local mall. They told me that my SIM card was “burned” and I needed a new one. However, they couldn’t give it to me because the contract was signed under my host dad’s name, and he would have to be present. So I am going to have to find the time to bring him to the store to get me a new SIM card. 

Once I had finally withdrawn money from the ATM, I made my way to the supermarket where I could buy the necessary ingredients for what I would be making tonight: burritos. Now before people start telling me that really isn’t all too American, I beg to differ. The part of the country I come from is heavily influenced by Mexico, and I thought I would try and bring something that really reflected where I had come from. It was a little difficult to find all of the exact ingredients I needed, thankfully burritos don’t require a whole lot.

Sofi wanted to help me with making the burritos, so we both set out on making some California (ish) cuisine. It was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we both had a lot of fun doing it, and my host family said they enjoyed it. They all told me that the taco sauce was unbelievably hot, but it seemed like nothing more than a mild sauce. I guess Slovakia doesn’t have much of a heat tolerance. It was a little fun to see them squirm and run for water while I was dumping on the heat onto my food. 

Today might have been frustrating at times, but I really did have fun. Today’s word of the day is:

hviezda – star

Pronounced with the h & v being one sound, and the rest of it like you might in English.

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  • Ginger

    October 28, 2017

    I am counting on you making burritos next time we are together!


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