Slovakia Update #63-64 – Halloween & Snow!

I must confess, that halloween is probably my favorite holiday out of the year. However, Slovaks don’t quite celebrate  it the way that us Americans do. So, Ashley, Nicole, and myself all decided that we would throw a western halloween party (more of a get together really). From carving pumpkins to throwing some snowballs, it was an absolute blast!

Carving Pumpkins

I arrived at Ashley’s house in the late afternoon, and right after I arrived we started preparing to cut the pumpkins. We first set out plastic on the kitchen floor, to ensure that we didn’t make any kind of mess, then we arranged bowls to separate the seeds and the other interior gunk; we would need the seeds later. Next we then started hacking away at the face of the pumpkin, each of us taking a different approach. I personally went with a two sided pumpkin; one side being happy and one being sad. Ashley and Nicole made vampire pumpkins, which both turned out quite nicely. Finally, Dominic, Ashley’s host brother, made an especially spooky one, which quite fit the halloween theme. 

Roasting the Seeds

Once we had finished up with the pumpkins, Ashley and I set out to roast the seeds. Our only issue was that neither of us had actually ever roasted seeds before. Determined, we did a little bit of research and a lot of eyeballing to come up with a result that we were semi-proud of. I think the most iconic moment that we had that night, was this conversation Ashley and I had.

Ashley: “When was the last time we checked on the seeds?”

Me: “I don’t know… Fifteen minutes ago maybe?”

Ashley: “Does it smell like something is burning to you?”

Burgers for Dinner

After our somewhat disappointing experience with the pumpkin seeds, we decided to cut our losses and take on some real food: burgers. We went down to a restaurant not far from where we were staying, and I have to say I really missed a good burger. I hadn’t thought about it until I started eating it, but that was the first burger that I had had in roughly 2 months. The savory taste of the beef and bacon was something that I really have come to miss, and I think I am going to have to cook my host family a real American style burger soon. 

Scary Movies

We had already put on the movie “It” while we were carving our pumpkins, but now we were really going to sit down and spooked. Ashley’s host brothers, were too preoccupied with their games, so it was just Ashley, Nicole, and myself. We only watched two movies, “It” and “Halloween Town”, but it was fun. I personally had never seen halloween town, but apparently it is a childhood favorite of many (or so I was told). 

Breakfast Waffles

The next morning after the three of us had all woken up, we set out for our task this morning: make some waffles. I don’t know why we were tasked to do this, but I really didn’t mind, and it was fun to cook with the other two. After a fair bit of converting cups to grams, tossed up some waffles that we all could enjoy. Ashley even had some American syrup for us to enjoy. Ashley’s host brothers hadn’t had syrup before, so it was interesting to see them trying it for the first time.

Trip to the Snowy Mountains

Once we had wrapped up breakfast, we all put on our warmest clothes to head up to the “Nizky Tatry” or low Tatras. When we arrived, the first thing the three of us could do was start making snowballs. We could not have asked for better snow, it was the perfect ratio of wet and dry: just enough to make perfect snowballs. We walked around the mountain for a while, and I was unfortunate enough to step in a great big mud puddle. I am going to have to clean my converse this weekend because they look like they went through a mud bath. But, today was fun, no matter how dirty my shoes ended up being. 

Word of the Day:

sneh – snow

Pronounced like sneh in English, I can’t say this with a straight face. It is just funny to say, snehhh

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  • Ginger

    November 1, 2017

    Now this sounds like so much fun!!! Waffles, snow and Halloween!


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