Slovakia Update #66 – Running

Finding inspiration to do something is like finding money in your pocket after doing laundry: you are excited that you found it, however what you do with it is anyone’s guess. While I was in class today, I was looking through some old photos on my phone. I found the picture that you see above, and I was jealous of my past self; I weighed the same as I do now, but then I was 3″ shorter. I sat and thought to myself about the times I took pride in the way I looked, and wasn’t embarrassed at how skinny I am. I decided right then and there I would solve that problem, and get myself back into a condition that I can be proud of.

Of course, the real challenge is seeing if I can “walk the walk”. Right after school got out, I went home, changed my clothes, and went running. To be perfectly honest, I have been absolutely terrified to do any kind of physical activity recently. Everytime I push my body, I have found it resisting me, threatening me with painful cramps and my knees aching for hours afterward. However, I pushed through whatever pain I was having, and just let my feet carry me down the road. I hadn’t planned it, but I found myself at a work out park of sort, with different forms of gymnastic equipment there. Of course, I couldn’t resist. 

When people see me doing gymnastic things like handstands and backflips, they always assume that I am just doing it to “show off”. No, that is not the case. I do use showing off as an excuse though, because I feel that I would look quite dumb just flipping my body in all sorts of direction without a real purpose. Anyway, while I was at the park, I tried a few different things on the parallel bars and rings that they had there, with some mild success. I of course, couldn’t flawlessly press into handstand like I could in the good days, but I still could manage my way up there. I promised myself that before I would leave Slovakia, I would be able to perform a perfect handstand again. After about half an hour of messing around on the equipment, I started my run back to my apartment.

That’s all that really happened today, I just thought that I would share that. Tomorrow I am going cross country skiing apparently, so that should be fun. Although I don’t really have the clothing for snow trips, I hope it will be fun. I am actually fairly concerned, because I don’t have any kind of snow pants or really any kind of warm pants to wear. That concerns me greatly, and I wish I was told sooner, so I could have time to prepare. Anyway that’s all from me today.

Today’s word of the day is:

beh – run


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    November 3, 2017

    Feeling old…??? Remember what Mick Jagger said.


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