Slovakia Update #69 – Mountain Sunset

I can’t thank my YEO enough for taking some awesome pictures of me today. Actually, I should really be thanking him for the great time that I had with him, hiking and talking a bit. While I was talking with him today, I came to realise some things, which I will discuss today.

After I had finished school today, I made plans with my YEO (Youth Exchange Officer) to talk this afternoon. He is quite the busy man with work, so being able to sit down and talk with him was rather nice. He came to pick me up at my apartment around 3 in the afternoon, and after a short car ride we found ourselves at the base of the small mountain Pansky Diel, in the town of Špania Dolina. After a bit of a difficult of a climb up a ski slope (seriously that was like a double black diamond or something) we found ourselves at the top of the small peak. Of course, I couldn’t resist not taking asking my YEO to take a picture or two. I am going to have to find my way back up there with my own camera to try and spend more time and take some pictures of my own.

Maybe not the best angle to take a selfie

Afterwards, we walked a shallower descent down the mountain, where we eventually found our way to a small lodge. We ordered dinner there, I had some type of fried pierogi, and my YEO had some kind of haluski. While we were sitting down, he asked me a question that has stuck with me a little. He asked me what I want to accomplish here in Slovakia. Of course, my project with the Slovak National Uprising came to mind immediately, but after that it made me really think. I have been pondering an idea for a while, but I hadn’t put much thought to it. However, I decided to share it with him, in hopes that he might have some kind of opinion on it. The idea that I have had in the back of my mind is this: I want to find more about my great-grandparents. From what I have heard and read, they were in Czeskoslovenkso, but I don’t know much more other than that. I decided that I would cast aside my ignorance of my own family and dig deeper.

That’s all for today! Today’s word of the day is:

oranžova – orange

Pronounced like oranz(hard z)ova. I think I might have some kind of slight citric allergy, but I still eat oranges every day. 


  • Ginger

    November 7, 2017

    Awesome pictures!! Dinner sounds delicious! I can only imagine that the view was breathtaking!! I am glad you have decided to find out more about your great grandparents. I cant wait to hear what you find out

    • alexfranke8

      November 9, 2017

      I did find out where they currently live, you can read about it in my post tonight.


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