Slovakia Update #70 – Museum of Central Slovakia

Today I finally got around to visiting somewhere I have been delaying for quite some time: the Banska Bystrica and Museum of Central Slovakia. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, but I did learn quite a few things while I was there, specifically about Banska Bystrica. Today I will be covering some of the new knowledge that I learned today. 

In the year 1889, the town council of Banska Bystrica approved the foundation of the Municipal Museum. The proposal stated that this museum would bring artifacts and documents that were previously inaccessible available to the public. The museum floated around to a few different buildings in its early years, however in 1907 the renovation of Matej Korvin’s house began in the area of the castle. The Hungarian government at the time donated little money to the reconstruction of the building, so a large portion of the funds that were raised came directly from the town. The museum first opened in Matej’s house on October 17, 1909. When the museum opened, it contained about 2500 different items, ranging from mineralogy artifacts, to minting materials. 

Matej Korvin, or better known as Matthias I, was the King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458-1490. His house in Banska Bystrica was built in 1479, inside the Municipal castle. It is a four story building that is close to the city’s well known Roman Catholic church. For centuries after Matej’s death, it remained a storage locker for gunpowder, grain, and even was used as a flour mill at one point. However, as I mentioned before, from 1907-1909 it was restored and the current Museum of Central Slovakia rests there. 

Well there is a little history on where I went today. My guide book seemed as if someone used google translate to put it in English, so it was a little difficult to understand what it was talking about. The museum was very interesting nevertheless, although it was a little creepy at times. They had random mannequins sprinkled throughout the museum, and with me being the only one in the entire museum it was a little spooky. Although I don’t really know why I would be spooked, if there was anything to be scared of it would be the Catholic cemetery that is right next door. I plan on going back to the museum in the very near future to hopefully take some pictures, I was not able to take pictures today because I went to the museum right after school. 

Today’s word of the day is:

m̼zeum Рmuseum

Pronounced how you would in english. I hope I can visit the museum again!

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