Slovakia Update #70 – My Schedule & Teplice, CZ

My schedule at school is strange to say the least. I don’t know if I should be sharing what I do, but I think it would be interesting to share. I also found out more information on where my extended family might be here in Europe, and I will be talking about it today.

I normally wake up about 15 minutes before my bus arrives, just putting one some clothes, brushing my teeth, etc, before rushing out of the house. Even if there are seats available I will normally stand, because I am constantly afraid I might fall asleep on the ride to school (that sure wouldn’t be good). When I get to school, I normally eat some of the food that my host dad prepares for me in the morning, and then I set out reading my book. Recently I have been reading The Second World War – Antony Beevor, which I can’t recommend enough if you are looking for a fairly full coverage on the second world war. 

After my first class starts, I will read my book for about 25-35 minutes, before I take a short nap break. I normally finish this break when I hear the bell ring, and move along to my next class. This cycle repeats for about the first 3-4 periods, until I am fully awake and ready to go. Although I am not really accomplishing much more, still reading either my book or studying some Slovak. Something that is very different between American schools and Slovak schools, is the amount of time between classes. In the US, we might have 5 minutes in between classes, but here we have around 15-20 minutes. This allows students to sit down and eat, talk, etc. Me and a few other Peters in my class (we have 4) normally play a card game in between classes. I have learned quite a few Slovak words during that time, most of them I shouldn’t share 😉

I feel like I did not give The Second World War – Antony Beevor enough credit, it really is a fantastic book. It covers details I never would have even imagined, and the amount of information in the book is absolutely massive. It is about a 950 page book, after reading it consistently for about 4 days now, I have only read a little more than half of it. I noticed while reading it, that when it would get to items on the western front, I would be incredibly bored, looking forward to when the book changed pace and moved back over to the war in the far east. Not that the book doesn’t do an excellent job covering the European theater, I just find myself more interested in conflicts like the Sino-Japanese War, or the war in the Pacific. 

After doing some intensive research (texting my mom), I found some information about my great-grandparents. My Great-grandmother was born in the city of Teplice, Czechoslovakia, which is about as far as you could be from where I am now and still be in the CZ. This is purely speculation, and I could be completely wrong, but I believe that the city of Teplice is in what was considered the Sudetenland, which was the ethnic German population in the Czechoslovakia. Which would explain why my great grandparents spoke German. I could be completely wrong, but that would explain a few things; I am going to have to do more research. 

Today’s word of the day is:

ďaleko – far

Pronounced like djaleko in English. Kind of anyway, the ď is pretty tough to pronounce.

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