Slovakia Update #71 – Short Films at the SNP Museum

Out of everything that could have happened today at the Slovak National Uprising Museum, watching short inspirational films was not something that I would have thought would happen. While I was watching the short films, I couldn’t help but think about the times when I was in the shape that the athletes were in.

This morning after our second class this morning, we all went and grabbed our coats and made our way down to the Slovak National Uprising Museum. I wish that the day was better, as the gloomy clouds really blocked a good picture. Once we arrived, we made our way down to the theater, where we sat in wait. After about 20 minutes, the short films started. There were about 6 in total, each of them portraying a different athlete, each with the same message: you can do anything! It was rather cheesy, although some of them were interesting. After the films finished, a Slovak professional rock climber came and presented for a while.

After the the films were over, we were free to go home. I decided to go and grab some food, and as I was walking past the shops, I noticed a certain store. This store had these funnel like foods, with the insides stuffed with either vanilla, plum, or cheese. I couldn’t resist the smell of them, so I decided to get a vanilla one. With that being said, I think that store now has a new regular, because I absolutely love those things. Next time I am there I am going to have to write down the name or something, because I am going to have to see where they sell more of them. 

I never write well when I am frustrated, however I will try my best today. Something that annoys me beyond imagination is when I have inconsistent internet. I don’t mind having slow internet, like when I was in Texas: my internet was slow, but it was stable and consistent my entire stay. Here however, it is a gamble whether or not it actually will work, and when it does work it is only a matter of time before it fails. Today, my ethernet stopped working, so I went to go unplug and replug in the powerline connector that is plugged into the router, to hopefully reset the problem. Note: I am the only one plugged into the powerline, and me doing so affects nothing else on the network. This story might be relevant in a few days, we will see. 

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