Slovakia Update #72 – Cinema & Games

I have come to have a conflicted relationship with the weekends. Yes, I have the ability to sleep in just about as late as I would want, and I have the freedom to relax all weekend, but I am also stuck with the fact that I have to find something to do. 

On Saturday, I woke up in the late morning, and laid in bed reading for a while. After I finished what I was reading, I thought to myself “what should I do today”. After a little bit of thinking, I decided that I would go and see a movie. Somewhat depressingly, I told myself that I would see it alone, and let myself really relax. The website said it started at 3:30, so I got myself dressed and made my way down to the bus station. As I was waiting, a stranger gave me a fantastic revelation. She was mumbling to herself that the bus would be there at X time, and then reminded herself that it was the weekend, so it would come less frequently. I hadn’t realized this crucial fact, and began walking to the theater, because the bus wouldn’t be coming for another hour. 

When I got to the cinema, I went to go and buy my ticket, but the next two showtimes were completely full, and the soonest showtime was 6:20. I was determined to see this movie, and decided to wait it out. In that time I explored the mall, and I came across a store that I hadn’t seen before. It was the Slovak equivalent of GameStop, however the key difference here was the “vast” inventory of PC DVD games. I went in purely out of curiosity, not looking to buy anything, however I came out as a content customer. Now I know that I am not here in Slovakia to play games, but let me give my reasons. I bought two games yesterday, what they are doesn’t matter. I bought them, because they reminded me of when I was much younger. I remember being so excited to go to my friends house, because I would be able to play the games that I was denied at home. I didn’t buy them to play them necessarily, but I bought them because they helped ground me. Note: the only reason I really bought these because they were both 80% off the normal listed price, which is a huge margin for games.

Once my time to see the movie arrived, I made my way to the theater. The cinema was absolutely crowded, and I made the mistake of mixing up the seat and the row and sitting in someone else’s seat. Whoops. They were understanding though, and pointed me to the right direction. The movies was fantastic, I saw the film The Murder on the Orient ExpressI am going to have to pick up the book soon, although the only copy I saw in the bookstore was in Czech. 

Today, Sunday, nothing as explicitly extraordinary happened. I had lunch with my host family, went to the mall to do some shopping, and came back to the apartment to where I am now writing this. While I was at the mall, I bought the book Paprika, by Yasutaka Tsutsui, which I only knew of because it was adapted into film in 2006. I am going to be reading that this week, and hopefully have it read by the weekend so I can watch the film then. Not much else happened today, I spent most of my time ripping legally downloading music, to put on an MP3 player that I have. The poor internet struggle continues. 


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