Slovakia Update #73 – Books Flying off the Shelves!

Yesterday I talked how I was hoping to finish my book by the end of the week, but if I am lucky I might make it last halfway through tomorrow. The sheer speed at which I read fiction novels is unreal, I almost don’t even want to buy fiction because I go through it so fast. I am already half way through the novel Paprika that I bought yesterday, although I did spend a good amount of time reading it today. 

I spent a good portion of my day reading my book, I was so interested in the book, I didn’t sleep in a single class, even though I was fairly tired. I know that isn’t exactly an accomplishment, seeing as I should probably be awake and paying attention in all of my classes, but it’s a start to a new beginning. I suppose. I don’t know if I mentioned it yesterday, but the real reason that I bought the book Paprika was because I had heard of the movie, and was surprised to see that there was a novel it was based on. But now that I am about halfway through the book, I am having to hold myself back from going and watching the movie right now. 

I am going to have to be more careful with my next book selection, as I don’t want to be breaking the bank collecting a small library in my small Slovak apartment. I read non-fiction at a much more relaxed pace than I do fiction, as I spend more time really soaking in the information. However, time does seem to pass ever so quicker when I read fiction novels, and apparently it keeps me awake in class. I might browse some of the book stores in town, or I will order on online and have it shipped here; to ensure that I will enjoy it.

I should make a big list of all the things that I say that I want to do but never do. But I have been pondering the thought of making a video tour of the town of Banska Bystrica, to show where I am staying in more detail. The reason that I have not already, is because every time I have tried to start filming, I get rained out. I am also not too satisfied with the script that I have written, so it might need to get some more R&D before it gets put into production. I also have been putting it off because my free trial of Sony Vegas has run out and I have been too lazy to pirate legally obtain a new version. 

The rest of my week should be fairly busy however, so I should have a bit to talk about. On wednesday, I am going to some kind of concert with my YEO in the evening. What kind of music, who the artist is, and where it will be located is all a mystery to me. Not that I mind in this situation, I wanted to be a bit surprised in this case. On Thursday my school is going to the movies at 9:00 (which means I get to sleep in!), and we will be seeing the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Should be fun, and later that evening I am going to be hanging out with a classmate, which I have been anticipating for quite a while now. 

I have come to notice, somewhat subconsciously, that these posts are turning more into like journal entries, rather than extravagant posts detailing fantastic places with marvelous pictures. I actually realised this a while back, which is why I don’t try to SEO optimize these posts quite as hard as I do my “bigger” posts, such as my SNP writing project, or my posts on trips to places like Krivan, or Bojnice castle. I might consider some change, I might not. I will have to see what the future will hold. 

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