Slovakia Update #74 – Theater, Cinema, and The Ministry of Fun

Alright alright, let’s calm the mob now. I know I am almost going on three days of no posting, but for the most part I believe that I have a good reason. Whether it was nearly getting in a fight with a drunk guy, to wearing sweatpants to a suit and tie event, my past few days have been a little hectic.

Where else can I start other than the beginning? On Tuesday, I was sitting in my room, watching some YouTube videos, when I get a text on my phone. Previously, I had been told that I would have to make my way down to a theater, so that I could attend a play with my classmates. I received this text around 6:10, and it was one of my classmates asking where I was. After a little bit of conversation, I discovered that I had been told the wrong time to arrive at the theater; I needed to be there at 6:00, and the performance would begin at 6:30. I was under the impression that I needed to be there at 6:30, and the play would start shortly after that. 

So after finding this out, I grabbed my things, and rushed out of the house. When I found my classmates, they were all wearing heavy coats, because it was well below freezing. When we made our way inside the theater, a cold realization struck me. I was surrounded by men and women wearing fancy suits and dresses. Meanwhile, I was wearing some sweatpants, and a old baseball t-shirt. In my rush to get out of the house, I hadn’t considered the fact that there might be a certain dress code. Although I did get quite a few strange looks, no one mentioned anything. I do have to hand it to my classmates; after letting them know of my embarrassment, they quickly formed a wall around me, hopefully to hide my shameful outfit. 

The play that we saw on Tuesday was named Gypsy Roots, and here is how my classmates described it: “It is about a gypsy that falls in love with a skinhead”. I don’t know if I have some kind of misunderstanding on what a “skinhead” is, but I think that there is some kind of communication error between us. Nevertheless, the play was fantastic, and thankfully I didn’t have to occupy my time trying to translate what was going on; it was silent. 

As tuesday came and went, Wednesday rolled around. Wednesday, was a day I was eagerly waiting for, as I would have the opportunity to go somewhere that I haven’t gone before: The Ministry of Fun. Now before I am told to pack my bags and get going home, hear me out. As far as I am aware, this was a school event, with classes gathering from all over Banska Bystrica. Actually, it wouldn’t matter if it was a school event or not, because as long as I was keeping in line with Rotary rules, and keeping myself safe, I should be able to openly write about it here. But, I am getting ahead of myself, because before I could even make my way to the Ministry of Fun, I went to attend a charity concert with my YEO. 

I quickly walk down to the concert hall, where I found my YEO and his wife. After a little bit of waiting, we made our way into the main room. The concert was the 9th yearly concert that was held as a way to raise money for a local school for the sick. It was hosted by Michal Cervienka, the first winner of “Slovakia’s Got Talent”. The music played during the concert was fantastic, with the center piece being Michal Cervienka playing amazing sounds on his accordion. I never thought that I would be hearing Frank Sinatra in Slovakia, but I am surprised everyday. 

After the concert finished, I hurried back to my apartment, and changed out of my nice clothes (I was ready this time). I first headed to the square, as I was going to go with Ashley, the American exchange student, but she couldn’t make it . I ventured on alone. Once I arrived at where I thought the club was, I searched for my classmates, which I quickly found. After a few minutes of walking around outside, we finally made our way into the Ministry of Fun. To be perfectly frank: the Ministry as many know is as, is a club. With that being said, they had strict regulation on who was going in and out, with the emphasis being that it was a high school party, and not a normal club event. 

After a few hours of a great time, I inform my classmates that my time to head home was neigh. I would have called my host parents and asked to stay longer, but my phone had died and I don’t have their number. My dear friend Peter offered to walk me home; and a good thing too. As we were walking along the street, we ran into one of our classmates with a group of older guys, clearly having way too much to drink. As I talked with my classmate, the older guys walked off. Something that I learned that day, was the you never čau to a drunk man. Even though I said it jokingly, he took it fairly seriously. Thankfully, my quick witted classmates quickly defused the situation, and everyone was safe in the end. That concluded my day on Wednesday.

Today, thursday, has been a bit slower than my last two days. We didn’t have real school today, as we just went to the movie theater instead of class (probably because of the party last night). We saw the new Thor movie, and I had to laugh at all of the people that were sound asleep the entire movie. After the movie, I went home and ate lunch, then went to the Barber to get my hair cut. And that about sums up these past few days. I hope you enjoyed!

Today’s word of the day is:

čau – hi/goodbye

Pronounces like chow, this is one of the ways you can greet someone in Slovak. 



  • Ginger

    November 16, 2017

    You are definitely living on the edge

  • G man

    November 17, 2017

    Does the Ministry of Fun have a drive through window ?

    • alexfranke8

      November 19, 2017

      Not that I know of, will have to update you on that one.


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